Irish Heart and Trinity Knot Pendant Necklace

Heart and Trinity Knot Pendant Necklace

This beautiful Irish Trinity Knot necklace blends a classic Irish symbol with a modern shape for a wonderfully contemporary and fresh design.  The Trinity knot is an ancient Irish symbol that holds a variety of different meanings.  It is often referred to as the triquetra.  It is used to represent the Holy Trinity by some, and also believed to stand for the three promises of a relationship – love, honor, and protect.  It is also used to represent Land, Sea, and Sky.

The trinity knot is found in a variety of insular art, such as the Book of Kells and other famous Celtic works.  The exact origin of this symbol is lost to history, but the grouping of special things into threes remains popular, just has it has for thousands of years.

This lovely necklace is made in Ireland.  Featuring a CZ encrusted heart entwined with a gold plated heart, for a wonderful two-toned presentation.  Comes beautifully gift boxed for giving.

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Unisex Sterling Silver Mo Anam Cara Wedding Ring

Mo Anam Cara Unisex Silver RingThis beautiful Mo Anam Cara wedding ring design is unisex and perfect for either a man or a woman.  The words Mo Anam Cara are Irish for My Soul Mate and is pronounced “muh ah-num kara.”

This stunning presentation of the Mo Anam Cara wedding ring features features intricately cast details and a beautiful oxidized finish.  The ring is solid sterling silver and is hallmarked as such at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

Each word of the phrase Mo Anam Cara is inscribed around the outer circumference of the ring and separated from the next by an Irish Claddagh symbol.  The Claddagh symbol represents Love, Loyalty, and Friendship.  It truly is a beautiful presentation!

Each and every Mo Anam Cara wedding band is handmade to order in Dublin, Ireland and arrives presentation boxed.  To see more details on this piece as well as other fine Irish jewelry, please visit the Mo Anam Cara wedding ring page at:

Ogham Script ‘Faith’ Irish Wedding Rings

This stunning collection of Irish wedding rings each features the Old Irish Ogham word for Faith beautifully inscribed on it.  This ancient script is the oldest form of recorded Irish written language.  It was thought to have been invented at some point between the 1st and 4th centuries.  The oldest surviving examples come from the 4th century, but it is thought that the script could have been used prior to that time, but written on perishable materials which would not survive until present day.

Irish ogham wedding band

Ogham Irish wedding band presented in white gold.

It is this ancient language that became the inspiration for a new line of Irish wedding bands – the Faith Collection.  Each of these beautiful bands is inscribed with the word ‘Faith’ in Ogham script.  There are then six different styles of wedding band to choose from – each featuring certain Irish and Celtic symbology.  Choices include Trinity knots, Claddaghs, Celtic Knot, Le Cheile, Celtic Cross, and Newgrange symbols.  The full line can be seen in our Ogham Faith Wedding Bands category.


The inspiration behind the use of the word ‘Faith’ is that we all have different backgrounds and experiences.  This often leads to differing religions and belief structures.  However, the one thing that we all generally have in common is a belief or faith in something.  It might be faith in a higher power, faith in loved ones, faith in each other, or faith in knowing that we can indeed reach our dreams.

These Irish wedding rings are available in a wide variety of precious metal types from oxidized sterling silver to 14K white or yellow gold.  They are also available in two-tone gold for a stunning presentation.  Each ring is comfort-fit, and the rings are unisex – suitable for men and women.  All of our Irish jewelry is imported from Ireland and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

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White Gold w/ Yellow Gold Mo Anam Cara Ring

Mo Anam Cara Two-Tone RingOne of the my absolute favorite presentations of the Mo Anam Cara ring that I’ve come across has got to this two-tone Mo Anam Cara ring.  This stunning Irish wedding band features a new design where the words Mo Anam Cara are beautifully carves around the ring.  Each word is separated from the next by an Irish Claddagh.  The Claddagh is an old Irish symbol that represents Love, Loyalty, and Friendship.

The two tones of gold in this ring are divided by intricate braided rope detail.  The main part of the ring is presented in either 14K or 18K white gold.  The rail section of this Mo Anam Cara ring is in 14K or 18K yelow gold.  The combination of both make for an absolutely unforgettable presentation.

This beautiful Mo Anam Cara ring is sure to draw compliments from whomever sees it.  It is a lovely testament to the love that a couple shares for each other.  Each of these stunning rings is handcrafted by artisans in Dublin, Ireland.  As your assurance of quality, each piece is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

This is also a very comfortable ring to wear as it features a comfort fit design, and does not have the sharply angled edges that some wedding bands have traditionally had in the past.

Sterling Silver Filigree Knot Celtic Cross

Irish Celtic Cross PendantOne of our most popular pieces of Irish jewelry has always been Celtic Crosses.  With a myriad of different designs, ranging from contemporary to traditional Celtic Crosses, there is a cross for every taste.  This particular  Cross Pendant features a filigree design, featuring wonderfully ornate Celtic knots in each panel as well as in the ring surrounding the cross.  Please click on the image to see this Celtic Cross pendant in our Irish store.

The most famous Celtic Crosses in Ireland were generally constructed prior to the 11th century.  However, they have remained a very popular design and are a staple of the Irish landscape throughout the country.

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Celtic Cross Inset With Connemara Marble

Trinity Knot Celtic Cross With Inset MarbleThis lovely Celtic Cross is the perfect Irish gift for that special someone in your life.  Features a wonderfully ornate ring around the Cross that is fashioned from individual Celtic knots.  Each panel of the Celtic Cross is inset with green Connemara marble for a truly Irish look.

This wonderful Celtic Cross pendant measures 1.25″ tall and 0.75″ in width.  Included with the pendant is an 18″ clasped sterling silver chain chain.

Presented in sterling silver and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.  Hallmarking has been a legal requirement in Ireland for all fine Irish jewelry since the sevententh century.

April Birthstone Claddagh Ring & Jewelry

March Birthstone Claddagh RingOne of our most thoughtful Irish gifts to give is a Birthstone Claddagh Ring or another wonderful beautiful piece of Claddagh Birthstone Jewelry.  These are the perfect Irish gift for Mom or that special lady in your life!

Each month of the year features a unique birthstone mounted into the Claddagh design.  Birthstones have been used throughout civilization for centuries.  Over the years, various organizations have attempted to standardize the birthstone for each month.  For the most part, this has been relatively successful, though regional differences and alternatives do exist.

March Birthstone Claddagh Pendant

April is no exception to the beautiful array of stones used in this jewelry collection and features the Cubic Zirconia.  This is available as a ring, pendant, or earrings.  Each stone is presented as an integral part of the Irish Claddagh symbol.  The hands represent friendship, the crown stands for loyalty, and the heart shows love.  The Claddagh is an old Irish symbol dating back to the beginning of the 18th century.  It is associated with a goldsmith by the name of Richard Joyce from (what is now) the city of Galway.


March Birthstone Claddagh Earrings

As a young boy, Joyce had been taken into slavery by Algerian pirates and subsequently sold to a goldsmith in Tangiers.  It was there that he learned his trade.  Some years later, King William III of England forced Algeria to release all slaves subject to British rule.  As such, Joyce was eventually repatriated to Ireland, and returned to Galway.  It was there that Joyce was said to have crafted the first Claddagh ring (although there remains some dispute to this day regarding which Irish goldsmith had the most influence upon its design).


Lovingly handcrafted in Dublin, each piece is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle before being shipped to you.  Each stunning piece of jewelry is available in your choice of fine metal – sterling silver, 10K yellow gold, 14K yeallow gold, or 14K white gold.

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Irish Bridal Celtic Trinity Knot Tiara

Over the years, we’ve sold quite a lot of different tiaras at Celtic By Design.  None has proven as popular as this stunning Celtic Trinity Knot Tiara from Ireland.  This beautiful tiara in centered upon the Celtic Trinity Knot which is decorated with gorgeous Austrian crystals.  Also lavishly decorating the tiara is additional Celtic knotwork, which tapers off into another Trinity Knot at each side of the tiara.  Additional accent items include pearls.  The frontal design area measures approximately 4.5″ wide and 1″ tall.

Silver Rhodium Celtic Trinity Knot TiaraThis stunning Trinity Knot Tiara is perfect for any Irish wedding.  It is also extremely popular for both Proms as well as First Holy Communions.  The Trinity Knot is used extensively in Celtic works of art, such as the Ireland’s famous Book of Kells.  It is often used to represent three of something, such as the Blessed Trinity.  Trinity knots are also used often on Celtic crosses and other Irish and Celtic stone artifacts.

Available in Rhodium plated silver, this tiara positively gleams and compliments any hairstyle.  Rhodium is one of the most brilliant metals used in fine jewelry and is often used to plate over silver, white gold, and platinum.  It is known as the “noble metal”.  It is not subject to tarnishing (unlike non-plated sterling silver) and will maintain its brilliance for many, many years to come.  There is absolutely no reason that you should not plan on using this tiara as an heirloom in the future.

As if the Rhodium version is not stunning enough, our 18K Celtic Trinity Knot TiaraTrinity Knot tiara is also available in 18K gold plate.  The 18K gold version is identical to the rhodium plated one is every aspect except the final finish.  This fine 18K gold finish is not subject to tarnish either.  Even more impressive that that both are identically priced!

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Sterling Silver Mo Anam Cara Wedding Bands

One of our all time favorite Irish Gifts are the Mo Anam Cara Wedding Bands.  These beautiful rings are available in your choice of Sterling Silver, 10K, 14, and 18K White or Yellow Gold.  They are perfect for use as wedding rings, or simply as an upgrade later on.  The quality of these rings is outstanding, and the customer reviews are a testament to that fact!Ladies Mo Anam Cara Wedding Band

Mo Anam Cara Wedding Bands feature the Claddagh symbol and the Gaelic text Mo Anam Cara meaning “My Soul Mate” in the Irish language.  It is pronounced as “muh ah-num kara.” The Claddagh symbol is an ancient Irish symbol.  The hands stand for friendship, the crown for loyalty, and the heart for love.  It is the perfect expression of your feelings for each other!  the Claddagh symbol is attributed to an Irish goldsmith,  Richard Joyce.  Joyce created the first Claddagh ring in Glaway – soon after being released from serving as an enslaved apprentice to an Algerian goldsmith.

In addition to being available in your choice of fine metal, these stunning rings are also available in both men’s and ladies versions, including half-sizes for each.  Each ring is lovingly handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland.  As your assurance of quality and authenticity, each ring is also hallmarked as the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

Mo Anam Cara Siorai II RingsA new style of Mo Anam Cara rings have also been released.  The Mo Anam Cara Siorai II rings are unisex, and also available in two-tone gold.  These stunning rings are presented in an oxidized sterling silver finish.  This new range adds another alternative to the classic Mo Anam Cara Wedding Bands.

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Happy St. Brigid’s Day

St. Brigid was born around 451 A.D. to a pagan father and a Christian slave mother. It was predicted by a Druid that she would do great things. Brigid’s father kept Brigid and her mother as slaves. She spent her earlier life cooking, cleaning, washing and feeding animals on her father’s farm. Brigid was inspired by the teachings of St. Patrick and she became a Christian.

At the age of eighteen she stopped working for her father. She decided that she would spend her life working for God by looking after sick, elderly and poor people. At this time she became one of the first nuns in Ireland. St. Brigid went on to establish many convents all over Ireland.

St. Brigid is the patroness of dairy maids, infants, midwives, blacksmiths, poets, nuns and students.

On one of her travels, St. Brigid went to visit a dying pagan chieftain  She started to weave a cross from some rushes on the floor. He asked her what she was doing and she told him about Christ and the meaning of the Cross. The chieftain changed his faith and was baptized.

The making of a “St. Brigid’s Cross” is a custom of St. Brigid’s day. This cross is usually made out of reeds or rushes. It is then hung on the front doors of homes and left in place all year, to be burned and replaced with a newly-woven cross on the next St. Brigid’s Day.

Two wonderful ways to celebrate the life of this extraordinary woman is with our St. Brigid’s gold necklace, or with a beautiful Belleek Cross.

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