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White Gold w/ Yellow Gold Mo Anam Cara Ring

Mo Anam Cara Two-Tone RingOne of the my absolute favorite presentations of the Mo Anam Cara ring that I’ve come across has got to this two-tone Mo Anam Cara ring.  This stunning Irish wedding band features a new design where the words Mo Anam Cara are beautifully carves around the ring.  Each word is separated from the next by an Irish Claddagh.  The Claddagh is an old Irish symbol that represents Love, Loyalty, and Friendship.

The two tones of gold in this ring are divided by intricate braided rope detail.  The main part of the ring is presented in either 14K or 18K white gold.  The rail section of this Mo Anam Cara ring is in 14K or 18K yelow gold.  The combination of both make for an absolutely unforgettable presentation.

This beautiful Mo Anam Cara ring is sure to draw compliments from whomever sees it.  It is a lovely testament to the love that a couple shares for each other.  Each of these stunning rings is handcrafted by artisans in Dublin, Ireland.  As your assurance of quality, each piece is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

This is also a very comfortable ring to wear as it features a comfort fit design, and does not have the sharply angled edges that some wedding bands have traditionally had in the past.

Sterling Silver Mo Anam Cara Wedding Bands

One of our all time favorite Irish Gifts are the Mo Anam Cara Wedding Bands.  These beautiful rings are available in your choice of Sterling Silver, 10K, 14, and 18K White or Yellow Gold.  They are perfect for use as wedding rings, or simply as an upgrade later on.  The quality of these rings is outstanding, and the customer reviews are a testament to that fact!Ladies Mo Anam Cara Wedding Band

Mo Anam Cara Wedding Bands feature the Claddagh symbol and the Gaelic text Mo Anam Cara meaning “My Soul Mate” in the Irish language.  It is pronounced as “muh ah-num kara.” The Claddagh symbol is an ancient Irish symbol.  The hands stand for friendship, the crown for loyalty, and the heart for love.  It is the perfect expression of your feelings for each other!  the Claddagh symbol is attributed to an Irish goldsmith,  Richard Joyce.  Joyce created the first Claddagh ring in Glaway – soon after being released from serving as an enslaved apprentice to an Algerian goldsmith.

In addition to being available in your choice of fine metal, these stunning rings are also available in both men’s and ladies versions, including half-sizes for each.  Each ring is lovingly handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland.  As your assurance of quality and authenticity, each ring is also hallmarked as the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

Mo Anam Cara Siorai II RingsA new style of Mo Anam Cara rings have also been released.  The Mo Anam Cara Siorai II rings are unisex, and also available in two-tone gold.  These stunning rings are presented in an oxidized sterling silver finish.  This new range adds another alternative to the classic Mo Anam Cara Wedding Bands.

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New Mo Anam Cara Irish Wedding Rings!

One of the best-loved series of Irish wedding rings has some new additions to the range.  These stunning new rings still contain the words Mo Anam Cara (My Soul Mate) and the traditional Irish symbols, however they have been redesigned with contemporary flair.  

My absolute favorite has to be the Mo Anam Cara Siorai II ring in two-tone gold.  The white and yellow gold are separated by intricate rope braiding.  The white gold half of the ring is refreshingly sleek and contemporary, while all the traditional aspects are found in yellow gold.  Those include the words Mo Anam Cara as well as each word being separated by the Claddagh symbol.  Of course, this exact band is also available in the Mo Anam Cara ring section with the yellow and white gold reversed, and in your choice of solid yellow or white gold as well as sterling silver.

The Claddagh is an ancient Irish symbol, but known the world over.  The hands represent friendship, the crown is for loyalty, and the heart represents love.  A truly beautiful sentiment and sign of your love for each other.

Whichever metal type you might choose, you are sure not to be disappointed with the stunning Irish wedding bands.  They are handcrafted to order in Ireland and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.  This has been a requirement of Irish law for centuries.  Each one is truly spectacular, and a wonderful sign of your commitment.

Mo Anam Cara ("My Soul Mate") Irish Jewelry

When a woman gets married, it is likely to be to someone that she considers her soul mate.  The bride will want everyone to know just how she feels, which is exactly why the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series was created.

Many couples choose the Mo Anam Cara wedding bands, but if that is not your style, there are certainly other choices that feature this wonderful Irish writing.  For those that do decide that the Mo Anam Cara rings are the perfect wedding band for them, there are some fantastic choices available both in metal type and in band style. 

These beautiful bands are available in sterling silver, 10K yellow gold, 14K and 18K white or yellow gold, and even two tone gold.  The two-tone Mo Anam Cara wedding bands are wider than the normal bands, and really make for a stunning presentation.

For those that already have their perfect wedding bands, or who would prefer a different piece of Mo Anam Cara jewelry, we certainly have some great choices for you!  Mo Anam Cara pendants, for example, make wonderful gifts – especially as an Irish wedding gift idea!  Just like the Mo Anam Cara rings, they are available in a wide variety of different metals, and the styles include solid, pierced, and stone-set.  You are sure to find the perfect Irish pendant for your needs.

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Silver Mo Anam Cara Ring

The Mo Anam Cara rings are a stunning way to show your love for one another. The phrase Mo Anam Cara is Irish and means My Soul Mate. What better inscription for your rings? These are perfect for use as Irish wedding bands.

The words on these rings are separated by the Irish Claddagh – an old Irish symbol that represents love, loyalty, and friendship. The finish is Florentine with highly polished raised accents and a more subdued finish on the recessed parts of the ring.

Each ring is custom-made in Ireland and is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. As soon as they are ready in Ireland, they are sent via overnight courier to our location in the US and shipped that day to you. Nobody can get you these rings faster!

Like all of our Irish jewelry, these rings are presented in a beautiful jewelry box – the perfect presentation.

Mo Anam Cara Men’s Rings

Between each word on the wonderful Mo Anam Cara rings is the Claddagh symbol consisting of a crowned heart between two hands. Mo Anam Cara is an Irish phrase for My Soul Mate and is pronounced “muh ah-num kara.”

Our selection of Mo Anam Cara rings for men is second to none. These beautiful rings are available in a variety of different metal types, including:

  • Sterling Silver
  • 10K Yellow Gold
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • 14K White Gold
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • 18K White Gold
  • Platinum (on request only)

These rings are also available in two-tone gold, and in a variety of different widths.

Mo Anam Cara Pendants

The Mo Anam Cara series of pendants consists of a variety of designs – perfect for any taste and budget. They make wonderful Irish gifts! These beautiful pendants are crafted in sterling silver, your choice of white or yellow gold (10K, 14K, 18K), or platinum. In Irish, the term Mo Anam Cara translates to My Soul Mate. These stunning pendants are classically Celtic in nature, and serve as a permanent symbol of the intimacy and bond that your share with you soul mate.

These pendants are also available in a variety of sizes, in solid or pierced designs, with or without a set stone, and also in a two-tone (gold bead on sterling silver) presentation. Additionally, there is also a version of the pendant available in Ogham script – one of the earliest known Irish languages.

There are two main sizes of these pendants available. The smaller of the two measures approximately 21.6mm in height and 14mm wide. The larger size is approximately 29.8mm high and 23.5mm wide.

All genuine Mo Anam Cara jewelry is handcrafted in Ireland by master craftsmen and is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. Hallmarking of jewelry has been Irish law since the year 1637.

Each Mo Anam Cara pendant is completed by an 18” bell chain and is presented in an attractive lined box.

Mo Anam Cara – Irish for My Soul Mate

Intimacy and belonging played important and inseparable roles in Celtic life. Celtic people believed that souls could interconnect, forming the deepest of bonds. When this occurred, a person was said to have found their soul mate. In Irish, “My Soul Mate” translates into “Mo Anam Cara,” and is pronounced muh onum kara.

The Celts understood that all phases of life involve a journey from darkness into light. It begins with conception where we develop in our mother’s dark womb. We then emerge into the light at birth. As we progress in life, there are many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes. Each one can be seen as a similar journey. Finding one’s soul mate is no different.

Having a soul mate means that your barriers are completely down. You are willing to share anything and everything without reservation. While this takes tremendous amount of courage on your part, the reward is a companionship that is like no other.

These connections of the soul were by no means trivial in nature. Your soul mate is another being with whom you feel completely compatible with, in a variety of different ways. Those ways include spirituality, intimacy, friendship, and love. You could confess the most intimate details of your life to your soul mate in complete comfort, never fearing rejection, or scorn. Your bonds of friendship and love transcend all others, and you live for each other. Life apart is unthinkable.

In celebration of these deep and special connections, the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series was conceived. Each piece is designed to witness and to strengthen your union and devotion to each other. It is difficult to think of another piece of Irish jewelry whose design and meaning is so clear and so beautiful. It is a pure expression of unhindered love.

The beautiful pieces in the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series are meant to signify this special bond. They should be given to your soul mate as an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and spiritual bond. They are perfect for any romantic occasion, but especially for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and Weddings.