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Happy St. Brigid’s Day

St. Brigid was born around 451 A.D. to a pagan father and a Christian slave mother. It was predicted by a Druid that she would do great things. Brigid’s father kept Brigid and her mother as slaves. She spent her earlier life cooking, cleaning, washing and feeding animals on her father’s farm. Brigid was inspired by the teachings of St. Patrick and she became a Christian.

At the age of eighteen she stopped working for her father. She decided that she would spend her life working for God by looking after sick, elderly and poor people. At this time she became one of the first nuns in Ireland. St. Brigid went on to establish many convents all over Ireland.

St. Brigid is the patroness of dairy maids, infants, midwives, blacksmiths, poets, nuns and students.

On one of her travels, St. Brigid went to visit a dying pagan chieftain  She started to weave a cross from some rushes on the floor. He asked her what she was doing and she told him about Christ and the meaning of the Cross. The chieftain changed his faith and was baptized.

The making of a “St. Brigid’s Cross” is a custom of St. Brigid’s day. This cross is usually made out of reeds or rushes. It is then hung on the front doors of homes and left in place all year, to be burned and replaced with a newly-woven cross on the next St. Brigid’s Day.

Two wonderful ways to celebrate the life of this extraordinary woman is with our St. Brigid’s gold necklace, or with a beautiful Belleek Cross.

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New Mo Anam Cara Irish Wedding Rings!

One of the best-loved series of Irish wedding rings has some new additions to the range.  These stunning new rings still contain the words Mo Anam Cara (My Soul Mate) and the traditional Irish symbols, however they have been redesigned with contemporary flair.  

My absolute favorite has to be the Mo Anam Cara Siorai II ring in two-tone gold.  The white and yellow gold are separated by intricate rope braiding.  The white gold half of the ring is refreshingly sleek and contemporary, while all the traditional aspects are found in yellow gold.  Those include the words Mo Anam Cara as well as each word being separated by the Claddagh symbol.  Of course, this exact band is also available in the Mo Anam Cara ring section with the yellow and white gold reversed, and in your choice of solid yellow or white gold as well as sterling silver.

The Claddagh is an ancient Irish symbol, but known the world over.  The hands represent friendship, the crown is for loyalty, and the heart represents love.  A truly beautiful sentiment and sign of your love for each other.

Whichever metal type you might choose, you are sure not to be disappointed with the stunning Irish wedding bands.  They are handcrafted to order in Ireland and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.  This has been a requirement of Irish law for centuries.  Each one is truly spectacular, and a wonderful sign of your commitment.

The perfect piece of Irish jewelry to celebrate life’s important occasions is the Aura Jewelry Collection by Solvar.  This stunning jewelry collection was created to create timeless memories for any occasion. Your true love, friends forever, new life. Capture all those memories – hold them forever inside a beautiful Aura Pendent.

Choose birthstones and charms from our extensive range, then know you’ve created a perfect Irish jewelry gift and a Timeless Memory.  Each birthstone, charm and pendant is imported directly from Ireland.  The expected quality and craftsmanship of the Solvar range is evident.

I had the opportunity to wear this pendant on a vacation two months ago.  I was really surprised how many people asked me about my Aura pendant.  They could clearly see the birthstones and charms inside, and most wanted to know where I got it.  I knew we had to offer this collection on!

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Irish Wedding Bands

A sure way to dispaly your love for each other as well as your Irish heritage is with an Irish wedding band.  Irish wedding bands are inscripted with a Gaelic saying denoting your preferred phrase.  There are four different wedding bands in this collection:

Mo Anam Cara (My Soul Mate)
Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas (Love, Loyalty, Friendship)
Gra Go Deo (Love Forever)
Gra Geal Mo Chroi (Bright Love Of My Heart)

Each wedding band is handcrafted with your chosen phrase in Ireland.  The hallmark given to each ring at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle is your assurance of authenticity.

All rings are available in women’s sizes 4-11 and men’s sizes 7-14, including half-sizes.  Each is arrives in a beautiful presentation box. 

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Irish Gifts For Men

A question asked with regularity is what are good Irish gifts for men?  Well, there’s no easy answer to this question, but buying a gift for a man is not that difficult!  Mainly it will involve determining some of his likes, dislikes, and interests.

However, we can certainly look at some ideas, and I’ll bet that you’ll find at least one that will work for you! 

If this man likes to sample Irish whiskey every now and then, one of our genuine Celtic whiskey measures might be just the thing.  For example, this Tullamore whiskey measure would make a great Irish gift for a man that enjoyed this brand of Irish whiskey.  If Tullamore Dew is not his favorite whiskey, we have other brands available.  You may also consider a whiskey flask if the man is better known to you than just a casual acquaintance.

If you are close to this man (family member, boyfriend, husband), then a piece of beautiful Irish jewelry might be appropriate.  We have a wide selection of Men’s Irish jewelry including Celtic Warrior Shield cuff links, Men’s Claddagh rings, tie-tacs, personalized family shield jewelry, and more.  Irish jewelry always holds a special place in the heart. 

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions from the man himself.  You can also do this discreetly though, if you have time on your side.  Just remain attentive, and bring up various ideas in the course of normal conversation.  You should quickly get a good feel for his likes and tastes.  If you have any other suggestions or questions, please let us know!

How To Find The Perfect Claddagh Ring

When looking for an Irish Claddagh Ring, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to be sure that you are getting a quality piece of Jewelry that was made in Ireland. Like all jewelry, Claddagh Rings can vary widely in quality and authenticity, so be sure and shop somewhere with a good reputation and that stands behind their Irish jewelry.

Here are some tips for your search for the perfect Claddagh ring:

  1. Although your local jeweler may have a couple of examples, their range is bound to be limited.  Seek out a store that specializes in Irish jewelry.
  2. Limited selection may well lead you to online shopping, which is probably your best bet.  Online Irish stores tend to have better selection, and often, prices.  They don’t have the overhead associated with the stores in the mall.
  3. Make sure that the Irish store that you choose has a decent return policy.  You may wish to shy away from auction sites, etc. where goods are often non-returnable and purchased as-is.
  4. Assistance with sizing (i.e. printable ring sizers) is nice, but often they can be highly inaccurate.  Your best bet is to have a jeweler size your finger towards the end of the day when it is at its largest. 

A Claddagh ring is indeed a treasure, and something that you’ll likely own for the rest of your life.  A gold Claddagh ring in particular is likely to become a family heirloom.  I know that I have no plans to stop wearing mine!

Celtic Wedding Gold Tiara

The “rules” applying to jewelry in general are basically the same for Irish jewelry – quite often less is indeed more.  For an Irish wedding, that means choosing your jewelry even more carefully in order to get the desired effect from some truly beautiful pieces.

This beautiful and stunning Gold Celtic Wedding Tiara is certainly one of those pieces.  It is discreet, yet adorned with ancient Celtic symbols, ensuring the theme of your wedding carries to your hairstyle.

This particular Irish wedding tiara is plated in 18K gold for unmatched brilliance and shine.  It features alternating shamrocks, leaves and Trinity knot symbols – each of which is filled with glistening Austrian crystals.  The frontal height of the tiara is approximately 1/2″.  The combined effect is stunning!

Naturally, each of these tiaras is made in, and directly imported from, Ireland.  It is presented in a wonderful cushioned keepsake box to protect it for a lifetime.

Whatever your needs for your Celtic or Irish wedding, be sure to visit  We have a large assortment of wedding items for your perusal, as well as a huge selection of Irish and Celtic wedding bands.

Celtic Wedding Bands

Looking for the perfect Celtic wedding band for your special day? The look for further – has the widest selection of Celtic wedding bands available anywhere! Did you know that there are many different styles and types of Celtic wedding rings available?

Claddagh wedding bands are one of our most loved types. These wonderful wedding bands feature the Irish Claddagh symbol with the heart representing love, the hands for friendship, and the crown for loyalty. All of our Claddagh wedding rings are handcrafted in Ireland.

Of course, let’s not forget about Celtic warrior wedding bands, which are based on the designs found on the Irish national treasure – the Ardagh Chalice. Like all of our Irish jewelry, the Celtic warrior rings are hallmarked at Dublin Castle, your assurance of quality and authenticity.

Celtic Cross wedding bands are also a stunning way to show your Irish heritage. Each ring features a Celtic Cross and other Celtic designs. A timeless classic remains the Celtic knot wedding bands. These beautiful Celtic wedding rings feature a never-ending Celtic knot designs that are truly unmistakable. Some other styles of Celtic wedding bands include Celtic continuity wedding bands and Celtic pierced filagree wedding bands.

As will all of our Irish jewelry, these beautiful Celtic wedding bands are available in your choice of sterling silver, 10K, 14K, or 18K yellow and white gold. We also have wide Celtic wedding bands as well as two-tone gold Celtic wedding bands.

Celtic Warrior Irish Jewelry

If you have been looking for Irish jewelry from Ireland, such as stunning Celtic warrior jewelry, then is certainly the right place!  These beautiful pieces of Irish jewelry are inspired by the Ardagh Chalice – one of Ireland’s national treasures.

This stunning chalice was found in 1868 by two boys while they digging in a field.  It is the golden band that encircles the chalice that forms the basis for the Celtic warrior jewelry.  The same stunning 8th century Celtic designs and decorative shields can be found repeated in the Celtic warrior series.  The Celtic shield is now seen as a symbol for the Celtic warrior, and appears in this series of jewelry with a raised gold or silver center.

One fine example of this can be found on Men’s Celtic warrior rings.  Each of these beautiful Celtic warrior wedding bands features superb detail and stunning jewelry design.  The same level of detail and craftsmanship can be found in other stunning pieces such as the Celtic warrior shield pendant.      

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Celtic & Irish Tiaras is proud to offer the very best in Irish tiaras imported directly from Ireland. You can easily find the perfect Irish tiara for your wedding, including a beautiful gold Trinity knot tiara or the wonderfully timeless Claddagh tiara.

Each of our stunning tiaras is crafted in Ireland, and then imported directly to us. The quality of these tiaras is excellent – or we would not offer them. You’re sure to not be disappointed, and the reviews from other customers can attest to that.

Whether your tastes lie in rhodium or in 18K gold, you are sure to find the perfect style of tiara for your special day. Our tiaras are also perfect for use as an Irish Communion tiara for those making their First Communion.

No matter if you are seeking the finest in Irish gifts, or Irish jewelry, is sure to not disappoint. Please feel free to visit us for that special Irish item. You’ll not be sorry!