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Irish Gifts: St. Brigid’s Cross By Belleek

Few collections represent true Irish gifts as much as those from Belleek Pottery.  This exquisite St. Brigid’s Cross is no exception.  Lovingly handcrafted in Ireland, it is a simple, yet classic reminder of our Irish roots and heritage.

Born during the 11th century, St. Brigid was the daughter of Dubhtach, a Leinster Pagan Chieftain. Second only to St. Patrick in the Irish heritage of Saints, Brigid is remembered by history for her great kindness and charity. Whilst explaining her passion for Christianity to a dying pagan, Brigid gathered rushes strewn on the floor and fashioned them into a cross. Today, her Cross is believed to keep want and evil away.  It makes a classic statement, and would be a treasured Irish gift.

This stunning Cross measures approximately 8″ x 8″. Made in Ireland by Belleek Fine Parian China – who has been making china since 1857. Comes gift boxed.

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Irish Gifts For Men

A question asked with regularity is what are good Irish gifts for men?  Well, there’s no easy answer to this question, but buying a gift for a man is not that difficult!  Mainly it will involve determining some of his likes, dislikes, and interests.

However, we can certainly look at some ideas, and I’ll bet that you’ll find at least one that will work for you! 

If this man likes to sample Irish whiskey every now and then, one of our genuine Celtic whiskey measures might be just the thing.  For example, this Tullamore whiskey measure would make a great Irish gift for a man that enjoyed this brand of Irish whiskey.  If Tullamore Dew is not his favorite whiskey, we have other brands available.  You may also consider a whiskey flask if the man is better known to you than just a casual acquaintance.

If you are close to this man (family member, boyfriend, husband), then a piece of beautiful Irish jewelry might be appropriate.  We have a wide selection of Men’s Irish jewelry including Celtic Warrior Shield cuff links, Men’s Claddagh rings, tie-tacs, personalized family shield jewelry, and more.  Irish jewelry always holds a special place in the heart. 

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions from the man himself.  You can also do this discreetly though, if you have time on your side.  Just remain attentive, and bring up various ideas in the course of normal conversation.  You should quickly get a good feel for his likes and tastes.  If you have any other suggestions or questions, please let us know!

Belleek Piggy Bank With Irish Flair!

Children can learn about the value of money and their Irish heritage at the same time.  One of my favorite Irish gifts from Belleek Pottery is this wonderful Piggy Bank.  Children just love it, and it serves a practical purpose as well.

The Belleek Piggy Bank is made from the same fine Parian china that Belleek is so well-known for.  The uniquly Irish design and hand decorated detail are what really separate Belleek from their imitators.

With its handpainted shamrocks and pink blush snout, this piggy bank is the perfect way to save loose change for that special purchase or goal.  The piggy bank measures 6″ x 6″ x 4″ and is the perfect size for a bedroom shelf or display cabinet.

A charming idea that one customer had was to fill the piggy bank with coins from the year of the child’s birth.  We thought that was a really great idea for a newborn!  In all, the Belleek piggy bank is a wonderfully charming Irish gift for that special child.  They will certainly grow to love it!

Belleek Shamrock Teapot

One of the classic and best-known Irish gifts has to be Belleek China. This beautiful style of pottery, famous for its thinness and slightly iridescent surface, was first made around 1858 by John Caldwell Bloomfield. Bloomfield’s quality standards were fastidious, and he declared that and flawed piece of Belleek China would be immediately destroyed. That high level of quality is still found today with each piece of Belleek Parian China.

By 1865 Belleek Parian China was well on its way to worldwide fame. It was now known for its quality and design throughout Ireland, England, Canada, Australia, and the US.

From this wonderful line of Irish pottery comes this beautiful Belleek Shamrock Teapot. Immediately noticeable is the cluster of shamrocks emanating from the forest twig-inspired handles. More subtle is the beautiful basket-weave pattern on the body of the teapot. offers a full range of this famous Irish China for your browsing and gift-giving pleasure. Whether you are looking for fine Irish gifts or Irish jewelry, we are your one-stop shop for all things Irish.

Large Gold St. Bridget’s Cross

As St. Bridget tended to a dying Irish chieftain (legend says possibly her father), she began to fashion a simple cross from the river rushes (a thatch that grows along river backs) that lined the floor.

The chieftain noticed the cross and asked what it meant. St. Bridget explained the significance and meaning of the cross, and the chieftain wanted to join the Church. He was baptized by St. Patrick, a close friend of St. Bridget, just before his death.

St. Bridget’s Cross has remained a traditional Irish symbol ever since. Today you can wear this cross in the form of this beautifully-detailed Large Gold St. Bridget’s Cross. Available in 10, 14K, and 18K yellow or white gold.

Irish Pewter Door Knocker

I have to admit, I simply love this door knocker! What better way to show your Irish pride to your visitors than with a Irish pewter door knocker?

This particular door knocker features the Irish Claddagh as its main focus. As you probably know, the Claddagh symbol represents love, loyalty and friendship. Its an old Irish symbol, that traces its roots back hundreds of years to Richard Joyce – credited with designing and making the first Claddagh ring.

This door knocker is handcrafted in Ireland by Mullingar Pewter. Their craftsmen are trained in the old methods of pewter casting and finishing. Their detailing is absolutely superb. Oh, and don’t worry about the mounting hardware – its all included. The perfect Irish gift!

Leave An Irish Product Review For A Chance To Win A $50 Gift Certificate!

Starting this month, April 2009, we will be having a monthly drawing for a $50 Irish gift certificate. Entry is easy – previous customers just need to leave a product review for the item(s) that they have purchased. The gift certificate is good for absolutely anything on our site.

Leaving a review is easy – simply visit our Irish store and login to your account. Go to the Irish gift or Irish jewelry that you purchased, and near where the price is displayed, you’ll see a link called “Write A Review”. From there you can rate the product and leave comments. It only takes a minute – I promise.

Your opinion is important both to other customers and to us. It helps others decide which items to purchase, and it helps us know if we are offering products that our customers like, or if they would prefer something different.

The more reviews you leave, the higher your chances of winning. Also, if you review a product, you remain in the drawing forever! That means you have a chance of winning each and every month!

Irish Gifts – Popularity, and Choices

To many, Ireland is a mystical place, full of history, and ancient traditions. Today, it has emerged into a thriving nation with a highly-educated workforce, and prosperity previously unknown to the country.

As a result, are Irish traditions still alive and well? I believe so, and I think one of the most important indicators is the Irish gifts industry. All indications indicate that manufacturers and retailers of Irish gifts continue to fare well. Google trends does show a small decline in the activity for the term Irish gifts, but there remains a very sizable portion of the population of many countries that can trace their heritage back to Ireland. In the US, for example, it is estimated that 12% of the US population can trace their routes to Ireland. That’s roughly 36 million Americans.

Consumption of Ireland’s most favorite export, Guinness is also suffering a decline. However, I firmly believe that has more to do with the massive amounts of marketing now being conducted within Ireland (and other nations) due to recent economic booms.

However, the population of Ireland, and the size of that group of people claiming Irish descent is only growing. Most Irish people that I know (in the US, and in Ireland) are keen to keep a connection with their Irish heritage, and it would be unusual to find their homes devoid of Irish décor items, Irish collectibles, etc. In fact, most Irish people I know take great pride in presenting an Irish gift to another person, be they Irish or not. The purpose of a gift, after all, is to show the other person that you care about them, and that you have put thought and personal commitment into their gift. I think Irish gifts do that very well!

Different Types of Irish Gifts
To be honest, that is a near impossible topic to cover. There are as many Irish gifts as there are Irish people. That said, the major Irish gifts that I see are Irish jewelry, Irish pub items, and Irish home décor items. Let’s take a quick look at what’s available in each group.

Irish Jewelry
Perhaps the best known piece of Irish jewelry is the Claddagh ring. However, there are also items that are inspired by traditional Irish symbols, Celtic knots, and family crests (or coat-of-arms). Rings and pendants are probably the two most common pieces of Irish jewelry that feature either the Claddagh, Celtic knotwork, or a traditional Irish symbol, such as a Celtic cross. However, rings can be a less than ideal gift unless you know the person’s ring size. For that reason, I often consider the pendant as the best choice in Irish jewelry, unless you are really set on presenting a ring. Both definitely make excellent Irish gifts.

Irish Pub Items
The popularity of various Irish beers, and Guinness in particular, has made Irish gifts featuring their logos extremely popular. With Guinness, for example, there is almost an infinite supply of barware, rugby shirts, hats, and other clothing that features the Guinness logo. Irish pub signs are also very popular gifts, particularly those with an old time feel and look to them.

Irish Home Décor
Last, but certainly not least, is Irish home décor. In this group, Irish gifts can range from mugs, to teapots, and from manufacturers such as Belleek to Mullingar Pewter. The breadth of offerings from these Irish gift makers is enormous. Suffice to say, whatever accessory or décor item that you are looking for, you can probably find it.

Regardless of what type of Irish gift you decide to give, the important thing is the personal touch and thought that you put into selecting it. There is a myriad of choices, and whatever you decide, you will be able to present it with the very best of Irish pride!

Irish Wedding Countdown Timer

Wedding Countdown TimerSince I just finished updating the St. Patrick’s Day Countdown Timer, this seems like a good time to remind everyone of another free item that we have developed. It’s an Irish Wedding Countdown Clock, and unlike the St. Patrick’s Day Timer, it is completely stand-alone. in other words, you do not need to have Google Desktop, or anything else installed in order for it to work. You can download it at the following link:

Irish Wedding Countdown Clock

Once you run the software for the first time, a small screen will appear that asks you for the date and time of your Irish wedding. Just enter those details (yes, they are completely private to you and you alone) and the counter will appear and let you know the days, hours, minutes, and even seconds to your Irish wedding. You’ll find additional instructions at the link provided above.

Saint Patrick’s Day Countdown 2009

St. Paddy's Day Countdown TimerSome of the best Irish gifts are the free ones! I have finally gotten around to finishing the coding for the 2009 version of our Saint Patrick’s Day Countdown Google Gadget. It runs on Google Desktop (which is a lot like the Windows Vista sidebar, only better, and it works on Windows XP). Installing is simple, and it counts down the remaining days, hours, minutes, and seconds until our favorite day!

If you need to install the Google Desktop application, you can get it from Google here. Once done, there is a link at the end of this post for the Saint Patrick’s Day Gadget. Click on the link, save the file to your desktop, and then double-click the saved file.

Right now, the Gadget is with Google to be entered into the Google Gadget Gallery (say that three times quickly). It normally takes a week or two to be included. Once it is there, I’ll post the link and also update the 2008 Countdown page. HOWEVER, if you’d like to download the 2009 Gadget without waiting, it is available at the link below.

2009 St. Patrick’s Day Countdown