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Irish Jewelry – it’s not just for the Irish!

Irish jewelry has a lot to offer all kinds of people, and it’s not just the Irish. Many of the ancient symbols incorporated in this jewelry are of Celtic origin, with meanings that transcend traditional boundaries of nationality and race.

For example, one of the best known Irish symbols is the Irish Claddagh symbol. However, there is nothing uniquely Irish about the meaning of this Irish symbol. It stands for love, loyalty, and friendship – values which are found in all wonderful relationships. The Claddagh can be found on a variety of rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

Celtic crosses are also found on a variety of Irish jewelry, and are perfect for use as a religious gift. Though some of these crosses do actually pre-date Christianity, they are closely associated with Christianity today. In fact, most of them were erected by Irish monks in the 7th century. A gift of Irish jewelry that displays a Celtic cross can often be thought of more a religious item than strictly just an Irish one.

Another beautiful example of Irish jewelry that’s perfect for one and all is Irish wedding rings. Many of these rings do contain traditional Irish symbols, but their meaning applies to all marriages, not just Irish ones. Of course, the Claddagh ring is a great example of this, but there are certainly others. The nice thing about the Claddagh ring is that is starts as a friendship ring, worn on the right hand. The direction that the heart faces can then be reversed, signifying that you have given your heart to another. Finally, you can wear the ring on the left hand – a way of wearing the Claddagh ring that signifies marriage, or permanent commitment.

When looking at the wide array of Irish jewelry today, don’t just focus on the Irish symbols and origins of the designs. Dig a little bit deeper into the actual meaning of the symbols and designs. You’ll soon discover that Irish jewelry can be worn and loved by just about anyone!