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April Birthstone Claddagh Ring & Jewelry

March Birthstone Claddagh RingOne of our most thoughtful Irish gifts to give is a Birthstone Claddagh Ring or another wonderful beautiful piece of Claddagh Birthstone Jewelry.  These are the perfect Irish gift for Mom or that special lady in your life!

Each month of the year features a unique birthstone mounted into the Claddagh design.  Birthstones have been used throughout civilization for centuries.  Over the years, various organizations have attempted to standardize the birthstone for each month.  For the most part, this has been relatively successful, though regional differences and alternatives do exist.

March Birthstone Claddagh Pendant

April is no exception to the beautiful array of stones used in this jewelry collection and features the Cubic Zirconia.  This is available as a ring, pendant, or earrings.  Each stone is presented as an integral part of the Irish Claddagh symbol.  The hands represent friendship, the crown stands for loyalty, and the heart shows love.  The Claddagh is an old Irish symbol dating back to the beginning of the 18th century.  It is associated with a goldsmith by the name of Richard Joyce from (what is now) the city of Galway.


March Birthstone Claddagh Earrings

As a young boy, Joyce had been taken into slavery by Algerian pirates and subsequently sold to a goldsmith in Tangiers.  It was there that he learned his trade.  Some years later, King William III of England forced Algeria to release all slaves subject to British rule.  As such, Joyce was eventually repatriated to Ireland, and returned to Galway.  It was there that Joyce was said to have crafted the first Claddagh ring (although there remains some dispute to this day regarding which Irish goldsmith had the most influence upon its design).


Lovingly handcrafted in Dublin, each piece is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle before being shipped to you.  Each stunning piece of jewelry is available in your choice of fine metal – sterling silver, 10K yellow gold, 14K yeallow gold, or 14K white gold.

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Men’s Gold Very Heavy Claddagh Ring

This has to be one my favorite Claddagh rings for a man.  I really like the thickness and stature of the ring.  This wonderful Claddagh ring is custom-made and imported directly from Dublin, Ireland.  As with all of our Claddagh rings, it is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

This stunning ring has the classing Claddagh design, where the hands represent friendship, the heart is for love, and the crown is for loyalty.  It comes in a beautiful polished finish and the brilliant craftsmanship is evident on the entire ring.

From the bottom of the hear to the top of the crown is 17.3mm, so this ring definitely makes a statement about the man who wears it.  It comes in sizes 7 through 14, including half-sizes.

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Ladies Claddagh Ring With A Diamond

If you have been searching for a Claddagh ring with a diamond, we might just have the ultimate ring for you!  This stunningly beautiful Claddagh ring is handmade in Ireland and then hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

The heart in this Claddagh ring is a 0.35 ct diamond, that is then surrounded by smaller diamonds for a stunning presentation.  It is available in your choice of gold from 10K to 18K.  White gold is available in 14K and 18K only.  The ring is sized from 4-11, and half sizes are available.

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