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Claddagh Birthstone Jewelry – Citrine For November

November is a wonderful month.  It is cold enough to make you appreciate a warm fire, and you can feel the holiday season just around the corner.  Of course, we also celebrate Thanksgiving in November – a wonderful holiday reminding us all of what (and who) we have to be thankful for in our lives.

The birthstone for November is Citrine.  From wikipedia:

Citrine is a variety of quartz whose color ranges from a pale yellow to brown due to ferric impurities. Natural citrines are rare; most commercial citrines are heat-treated amethysts or smoky quartzes. However, a heat-treated amethyst will have small lines in the crystal, as opposed to a natural citrine’s cloudy or smokey appearance. It is nearly impossible to tell cut citrine from yellow topaz visually, but they differ in hardness. Brazil is the leading producer of citrine, with much of its production coming from the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The name is derived from Latin citrina which means “yellow” and is also the origin of the word “citron.”

Our Claddagh birthstone jewelry is a wonderful way to wear your birthstone and proudly display your Irish heritage!   The November Claddagh birthstone pendant is a classic example of this.

November Claddagh Birthstone Pendant Necklace

This stunning presentation is available in sterling silver as well as 10K and 14K white or yellow gold.  Complete with a wonderful presentation box for gift-giving (just like all of our Irish jewelry).

Another very popular option is the Claddagh ring with November birthstone.

November Birthstone Claddagh Ring

A lot of people of Irish descent wear the Claddagh ring.  What is more perfect than a Claddagh ring with your birthstone set as the heart?

Last, but certainly not least, consider a pair of beautiful November birthstone Claddagh earrings.

Claddagh Earrings November Birthstone

Like the Claddagh birthstone ring and pendant, these earrings are available in your choice of sterling silver or gold.

Whatever you’re looking for in Irish jewelry, be sure to visit us at for the very best selection and prices.  We’re proud to bring your the finest jewelry from our home country of Ireland!


Ladies Claddagh Ring With A Diamond

If you have been searching for a Claddagh ring with a diamond, we might just have the ultimate ring for you!  This stunningly beautiful Claddagh ring is handmade in Ireland and then hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

The heart in this Claddagh ring is a 0.35 ct diamond, that is then surrounded by smaller diamonds for a stunning presentation.  It is available in your choice of gold from 10K to 18K.  White gold is available in 14K and 18K only.  The ring is sized from 4-11, and half sizes are available.

Visit us online at for all of your Claddagh ring and other Irish jewelry needs.  We’re sure that you’ll not be disappointed!

Men’s Personalized Family Crest Claddagh Ring

Perfect for Father’s Day this year is one of the best known pieces of Irish jewelry – a man’s Claddagh ring.  However, this is not just any Claddagh ring, but one where the traditional heart is replaced with a personalized family shield.

The tradition of the Claddagh ring dates back centuries and it represents the values of Love (heart), Loyalty (crown), and Friendship (hands).  The traditional heart in this case is replaced by the family crest which now represents Love – as it should!

This Irish gift would make a perfect present for any proud Irish Dad on this or any other Father’s Day!  Don’t forget to visit us online at for all your Celtic and Irish gift needs!

How To Find The Perfect Claddagh Ring

When looking for an Irish Claddagh Ring, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to be sure that you are getting a quality piece of Jewelry that was made in Ireland. Like all jewelry, Claddagh Rings can vary widely in quality and authenticity, so be sure and shop somewhere with a good reputation and that stands behind their Irish jewelry.

Here are some tips for your search for the perfect Claddagh ring:

  1. Although your local jeweler may have a couple of examples, their range is bound to be limited.  Seek out a store that specializes in Irish jewelry.
  2. Limited selection may well lead you to online shopping, which is probably your best bet.  Online Irish stores tend to have better selection, and often, prices.  They don’t have the overhead associated with the stores in the mall.
  3. Make sure that the Irish store that you choose has a decent return policy.  You may wish to shy away from auction sites, etc. where goods are often non-returnable and purchased as-is.
  4. Assistance with sizing (i.e. printable ring sizers) is nice, but often they can be highly inaccurate.  Your best bet is to have a jeweler size your finger towards the end of the day when it is at its largest. 

A Claddagh ring is indeed a treasure, and something that you’ll likely own for the rest of your life.  A gold Claddagh ring in particular is likely to become a family heirloom.  I know that I have no plans to stop wearing mine!

Silver Claddagh Ring With Green CZ Heart

This stunning silver Claddagh ring has a heart beautifully made from green cubic zirconia. A beautiful and elegant addition to any jewelry collection. The ring is presented in a polished finished, and made from the finest irish silver. It is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. Available in sizes 4-11, including half-sizes. The perfect way to show your Irish heritage and pride!

Irish Claddagh Rings For Men

Amaze him with an Irish heritage gift of the Claddagh ring. This wonderful design features the heart, hands, and crown, as well as a band decorated with Celtic knot roping. The Claddagh symbol represents Love, Loyalty, and Friendship.

This ring is available in your choice of white or yellow gold and in 10K, 14K, or 18K grades. This is a gift he will treasure for a lifetime!

Yellow Or White Gold Emerald Claddagh Rings

This stunning ladies Claddagh ring with its heart-shaped emerald is just an amazing example of Claddagh ring design. The beautifully intense emerald is cut in the same shape as the heart itself. The Claddagh ring setting itself is fabulous too with intricate curves and angles to catch the light.

This ring is available in your choice of white or yellow gold and in 10K, 14K, or 18K grades. My personal favorite has always been white gold emerald Claddagh rings.

The Claddagh ring with two hands holding a heart has always been a symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty. You may also want to check out our article on how to wear the Claddagh ring.

Gold Irish Jewelry

Since ancient times, Irish metal and goldsmiths have created stunning Irish jewelry that is now recognized the world over as truly magnificent works of art. Their skills and attention to detail yielded treasures that never cease to amaze.

The use of filigree in Irish jewelry of that time is generally recognized as the finest that the world has to offer. The Tara brooch is one such example. The sheer number of intricate designs where one metal thread can be traced through the various Celtic knots and weaves is almost incredible. In most cases, the beginning and end of the design cannot be found as the ends are cleverly hidden in the tails or heads of a Celtic serpent, or the like.

The Ardagh Chalice is another beautiful example of the capabilities of Irish goldsmiths and metal workers. It is believed to be the finest piece of 8th century metalwork to ever be discovered. In addition to decorative and functional clothing accessories and religious artifacts, torcs were also a popular specialty to early Celtic goldsmiths. In more recent times, the Claddagh ring has become the most popular example of fine Irish jewelry, and is known the world over.

The materials for Irish jewelry have included copper, bronze, silver, and especially gold. Today, most Celtic jewelry is made from either silver or gold, with gold generally being preferred due to its nonreactive properties with air and everyday chemicals. Gold in Ireland enjoys a long history, as evidenced by the large number of artifacts that have been unearthed both in Ireland and across mainland Europe.

Ireland has a long history of fine jewelry-making, perhaps unrivaled given the limited tools to work with at the time. That fine tradition remains today with some stunningly beautiful pieces of jewelry in our Celtic collection.

Claddagh Ring April Birthstone – Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

The birthstone for April is the cubic zirconia. If you need a special Irish gift of jewelry for an Aries (born between March 21st and April 19th), this April birthstone Claddagh ring fits the bill perfectly!

This beautiful Claddagh ring is both stylish and sophisticated, while still retaining all the traditional elements of the Claddagh ring. Fine detail is the standard of all Irish jewelry, and thing beautiful ring is no exception.

The Claddagh symbol consists of the heart (representing love), the hands (representing friendship), and the crown (representing loyalty). Don’t forget to read our article on how to wear the Claddagh ring.

Like all of our Irish jewelry, this ring is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, and presented in a beautiful jewelry box for gift-giving.

Blue Topaz Claddagh Ring

This stunning blue topaz Claddagh ring is the perfect gift for anyone born in December, or for a Mom with a December baby. Available in sterling silver, 10K, 14K, and 18K white or yellow gold, there’s a ring to fit any budget.

With the hands for friendship, the heart for love,and the crown for loyalty, nothing expresses your feelings quite like an Irish Claddagh ring.

This ring is handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland, and hallmarked at the Dublin Castle Assay Office. Comes in a lovely presentation box for gift-giving.