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Irish Bridal Celtic Trinity Knot Tiara

Over the years, we’ve sold quite a lot of different tiaras at Celtic By Design.  None has proven as popular as this stunning Celtic Trinity Knot Tiara from Ireland.  This beautiful tiara in centered upon the Celtic Trinity Knot which is decorated with gorgeous Austrian crystals.  Also lavishly decorating the tiara is additional Celtic knotwork, which tapers off into another Trinity Knot at each side of the tiara.  Additional accent items include pearls.  The frontal design area measures approximately 4.5″ wide and 1″ tall.

Silver Rhodium Celtic Trinity Knot TiaraThis stunning Trinity Knot Tiara is perfect for any Irish wedding.  It is also extremely popular for both Proms as well as First Holy Communions.  The Trinity Knot is used extensively in Celtic works of art, such as the Ireland’s famous Book of Kells.  It is often used to represent three of something, such as the Blessed Trinity.  Trinity knots are also used often on Celtic crosses and other Irish and Celtic stone artifacts.

Available in Rhodium plated silver, this tiara positively gleams and compliments any hairstyle.  Rhodium is one of the most brilliant metals used in fine jewelry and is often used to plate over silver, white gold, and platinum.  It is known as the “noble metal”.  It is not subject to tarnishing (unlike non-plated sterling silver) and will maintain its brilliance for many, many years to come.  There is absolutely no reason that you should not plan on using this tiara as an heirloom in the future.

As if the Rhodium version is not stunning enough, our 18K Celtic Trinity Knot TiaraTrinity Knot tiara is also available in 18K gold plate.  The 18K gold version is identical to the rhodium plated one is every aspect except the final finish.  This fine 18K gold finish is not subject to tarnish either.  Even more impressive that that both are identically priced!

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Celtic Tiaras For Your Wedding

Dear Mark,

I know that the economy is in the dumps right now, but our wedding is coming up in late June. With this in mind, what can you recommend for a Celtic tiara that’s not going to break my budget?

Amy in NH

There certainly are a variety of Celtic tiaras available. Although I have seen some knock-offs from China around the internet, most genuine tiaras from Ireland are over $100. Since you are stressing your budget, I am going to guess that you’d prefer something less expensive.

This lustrous Celtic tiara is a great way to go. It is imported from Ireland, and is rhodium plated for a truly brilliant shine. The beautiful design on the front consists of both Trinity knots, and the Claddagh. Brilliant Austrian crystals abound in the setting. The design is 2.5” wide and 1.25” high.
I should note that not only is this Celtic tiara perfect for any Celtic or Irish-themed wedding, but it is also a wonderful accent for a First Communion or prom.

Irish Wedding Trinity Knot Tiara

One of our most popular items for an Irish Wedding has to be this beautiful tiara. The tiara is beautifully adorned with a Celtic Trinity Knot which is filled with Austrian crystals. Irish Wedding Trinity Knot TiaraThe frontal design measures approximately 4 1/2″ in length and 1″ high.

The Trinity Knot is an ancient Celtic symbol and in Ireland, it is mainly used to represent the Holy Trinity. This symbol has been in use for used for centuries, and its continued use today is proof of its popularity and strength of symbolism.

Make your Irish Wedding Day a day to truly remember with this beautiful rhodium-plated (silver) tiara. It is the perfect headpiece! Could also be beautifully used for a formal dance, first communion, or prom.

Made in Ireland and presented in an attractive box. Also available in 18K gold plate.