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Ogham Script ‘Faith’ Irish Wedding Rings

This stunning collection of Irish wedding rings each features the Old Irish Ogham word for Faith beautifully inscribed on it.  This ancient script is the oldest form of recorded Irish written language.  It was thought to have been invented at some point between the 1st and 4th centuries.  The oldest surviving examples come from the 4th century, but it is thought that the script could have been used prior to that time, but written on perishable materials which would not survive until present day.

Irish ogham wedding band

Ogham Irish wedding band presented in white gold.

It is this ancient language that became the inspiration for a new line of Irish wedding bands – the Faith Collection.  Each of these beautiful bands is inscribed with the word ‘Faith’ in Ogham script.  There are then six different styles of wedding band to choose from – each featuring certain Irish and Celtic symbology.  Choices include Trinity knots, Claddaghs, Celtic Knot, Le Cheile, Celtic Cross, and Newgrange symbols.  The full line can be seen in our Ogham Faith Wedding Bands category.


The inspiration behind the use of the word ‘Faith’ is that we all have different backgrounds and experiences.  This often leads to differing religions and belief structures.  However, the one thing that we all generally have in common is a belief or faith in something.  It might be faith in a higher power, faith in loved ones, faith in each other, or faith in knowing that we can indeed reach our dreams.

These Irish wedding rings are available in a wide variety of precious metal types from oxidized sterling silver to 14K white or yellow gold.  They are also available in two-tone gold for a stunning presentation.  Each ring is comfort-fit, and the rings are unisex – suitable for men and women.  All of our Irish jewelry is imported from Ireland and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

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Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Bands

One of our favorite Irish wedding bands is the Celtic Warrior wedding band series.  These stunning bands are inspired by the beautiful Celtic artwork found on one of Ireland;s treasures – the Ardagh Chalice.  This wonderful chalice is from the 8th century, and is likened to the Book of Kells in importance to Celtic history.  The chalice, along with a number of other important Celtic artifacts, were found by two boys digging in a field in 1868.

There is a Celtic Warrior band to fit every budget.  These bands are available in sterling silver, 10K yellow gold, 14K yellow gold, and 14K white gold.  Additionally, these rings are available in 14K two-tone gold.  For the extra-special ring, there are also stone-set option like the band pictured.  On that two-tone gold wedding band, the shield has been replaced with a diamond to make for a truly spectacular presentation!

Each of these stunning Irish wedding bands is handcrafted in Dublin, and then hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.  This hallmark is your assurance of quality and authenticity.  It has also been a legal requirement of all Irish jewelry for centuries. 

Sterling Silver Celtic Closed Knot Wedding Band

Of all the special pieces of Irish jewelry, nothing quite compares to a Celtic Knot wedding band. This beautiful Ladies Closed Celtic Knot Band is presented in fine sterling silver. The pattern features a series of repeating closed Celtic Knots around the entire circumference of the wedding band – perfect to represent your love for each other. The matching Celtic wedding band for men is also available.

Each beautiful band is crafted in Ireland, and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. The hallmark is your assurance of quality and authenticity.

Available in sizes 4-11, including half sizes. Comes in a beautiful presentation box.

Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Bands

In 1868, two boys digging in a field were to uncover one of Ireland’s greatest treasures, the Ardagh Chalice.  On a par with the Book of Kells, it is one of the finest pieces of 8th century metalwork to be found anywhere.  The Chalice was made from 354 individual pieces and is currently on display at the National Museum of Ireland, which is its permanent home.

It was the Ardagh Chalice that inspired the Celtic Warrior Wedding Band collection.  These beautiful Celtic wedding bands include many of the same designs and details as the Ardagh Chalice, including the shield symbols form the band around the chalice.  These beautiful wedding bands are available in a variety of widths, and a full range of men’s and women’s sizes.  Metal types include sterling silver, 10K gold, 14K yellow and white gold, and 18K yellow and white gold.  The 14K and 18K ranges also include two-tone gold pieces.