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Celtic Warrior Shield Earrings – Diamond-Shaped With 18K Gold Shield

Celtic Warrior Earrings in Sterling Silver with 18K GoldThese gorgeous Celtic Warrior Shield earrings are the perfect accessory for any Irish wardrobe!  Would make a wonderful Irish jewelry gift for that strong Irish woman in your like who is befitting of the title Celtic Warrior.

These Celtic Warrior earrings are inspired by the designs found on the Ardagh Chalice, which was discovered buried in a field by two boys harvesting potatoes in 1868. Although the value and importance of the Chalice was unclear at that time, it is now (thankfully) recognized as one of the most spectacular pieces of 8th century metalwork ever discovered.  It currently resides at the National Museum of Ireland.

Each of these Irish earrings is presented with a diamond shape, and is handcrafted from sterling silver in Dublin, Ireland.  To give the two-tone look and contrast, the shield is made from 18K gold.  Before being sent to you, it is required under Irish law that each one be submitted to the Assay Office at Dublin Castle for inspection and hallmarking.  This has been a requirement under Irish law since 1637.  Should any piece of jewelry not pass this verification it is smashed and returned to the manufacturer.  The hallmark therefore, serves as an assurance of quality and authenticity.

These Celtic earrings are presented in a luxurious two-piece presentation box.  This makes giving the gift of fine Irish jewelry ever so simple!  Gift wrap is also available upon request.

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Celtic Warrior Shield Bracelets and Bangles

The Celtic Warrior jewelry collection was inspired by one of Ireland’s most valuable national treasures – the Ardagh Chalice. Found in a field by two men digging for potatoes in 1868, the chalice and other artifacts from the Ardagh hoard are now housed at the National Museum of Ireland.  The chalice is widely recognized as one of the finest pieces of 8th century metalwork ever discovered.

Celtic Warrior Oval Bracelet

Oval Celtic Warrior Bracelet

This beautiful collection of Celtic Warrior bracelets and bangles truly features craftsmanship of times long gone by. The collection consists of bracelets, solid sterling bangles, as well as wire bangles. Round shield designs are available in several different sizes. Oval and diamond-shaped shields are also available. In addition, some sterling silver pieces include an 18K gold bead in the center for a wonderful two-tone look.  There truly is a piece of Celtic warrior wristwear for any taste!

Shown to the left is the Celtic Warrior Oval bracelet in the sterling silver and 18K gold two-tone presentation. The center of each disk features a solid 18K gold bead.  All bracelets use a lobster claw clasp, while the bangles utilize hook or snap type clasps.

Sterling Silver Celtic Warrior Wire Bangle

Celtic Warrior Wire Bangle in Sterling Silver

While the two-tone presentations are certainly stunning, the elegance of sterling silver is also sure to lead to compliment after compliment.  The Warrior wire bangles are an excellent example of that!

Each fine bracelet or bangle from the Celtic Warrior series is crafted by artisan goldsmiths in Dublin, Ireland. Before completion, each is also presented to the Assay Office at Dublin Castle for verification of metal fineness and hallmarking. This is your assurance of authenticity and quality.  The requirement for hallmarking of all fine metals has been law in Ireland since 1637.

Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Bands

One of our favorite Irish wedding bands is the Celtic Warrior wedding band series.  These stunning bands are inspired by the beautiful Celtic artwork found on one of Ireland;s treasures – the Ardagh Chalice.  This wonderful chalice is from the 8th century, and is likened to the Book of Kells in importance to Celtic history.  The chalice, along with a number of other important Celtic artifacts, were found by two boys digging in a field in 1868.

There is a Celtic Warrior band to fit every budget.  These bands are available in sterling silver, 10K yellow gold, 14K yellow gold, and 14K white gold.  Additionally, these rings are available in 14K two-tone gold.  For the extra-special ring, there are also stone-set option like the band pictured.  On that two-tone gold wedding band, the shield has been replaced with a diamond to make for a truly spectacular presentation!

Each of these stunning Irish wedding bands is handcrafted in Dublin, and then hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.  This hallmark is your assurance of quality and authenticity.  It has also been a legal requirement of all Irish jewelry for centuries. 

Celtic Warrior Irish Jewelry

If you have been looking for Irish jewelry from Ireland, such as stunning Celtic warrior jewelry, then is certainly the right place!  These beautiful pieces of Irish jewelry are inspired by the Ardagh Chalice – one of Ireland’s national treasures.

This stunning chalice was found in 1868 by two boys while they digging in a field.  It is the golden band that encircles the chalice that forms the basis for the Celtic warrior jewelry.  The same stunning 8th century Celtic designs and decorative shields can be found repeated in the Celtic warrior series.  The Celtic shield is now seen as a symbol for the Celtic warrior, and appears in this series of jewelry with a raised gold or silver center.

One fine example of this can be found on Men’s Celtic warrior rings.  Each of these beautiful Celtic warrior wedding bands features superb detail and stunning jewelry design.  The same level of detail and craftsmanship can be found in other stunning pieces such as the Celtic warrior shield pendant.      

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Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Bands

In 1868, two boys digging in a field were to uncover one of Ireland’s greatest treasures, the Ardagh Chalice.  On a par with the Book of Kells, it is one of the finest pieces of 8th century metalwork to be found anywhere.  The Chalice was made from 354 individual pieces and is currently on display at the National Museum of Ireland, which is its permanent home.

It was the Ardagh Chalice that inspired the Celtic Warrior Wedding Band collection.  These beautiful Celtic wedding bands include many of the same designs and details as the Ardagh Chalice, including the shield symbols form the band around the chalice.  These beautiful wedding bands are available in a variety of widths, and a full range of men’s and women’s sizes.  Metal types include sterling silver, 10K gold, 14K yellow and white gold, and 18K yellow and white gold.  The 14K and 18K ranges also include two-tone gold pieces.