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Celtic Warrior Shield Earrings – Diamond-Shaped With 18K Gold Shield

Celtic Warrior Earrings in Sterling Silver with 18K GoldThese gorgeous Celtic Warrior Shield earrings are the perfect accessory for any Irish wardrobe!  Would make a wonderful Irish jewelry gift for that strong Irish woman in your like who is befitting of the title Celtic Warrior.

These Celtic Warrior earrings are inspired by the designs found on the Ardagh Chalice, which was discovered buried in a field by two boys harvesting potatoes in 1868. Although the value and importance of the Chalice was unclear at that time, it is now (thankfully) recognized as one of the most spectacular pieces of 8th century metalwork ever discovered.  It currently resides at the National Museum of Ireland.

Each of these Irish earrings is presented with a diamond shape, and is handcrafted from sterling silver in Dublin, Ireland.  To give the two-tone look and contrast, the shield is made from 18K gold.  Before being sent to you, it is required under Irish law that each one be submitted to the Assay Office at Dublin Castle for inspection and hallmarking.  This has been a requirement under Irish law since 1637.  Should any piece of jewelry not pass this verification it is smashed and returned to the manufacturer.  The hallmark therefore, serves as an assurance of quality and authenticity.

These Celtic earrings are presented in a luxurious two-piece presentation box.  This makes giving the gift of fine Irish jewelry ever so simple!  Gift wrap is also available upon request.

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Sterling Silver Filigree Knot Celtic Cross

Irish Celtic Cross PendantOne of our most popular pieces of Irish jewelry has always been Celtic Crosses.  With a myriad of different designs, ranging from contemporary to traditional Celtic Crosses, there is a cross for every taste.  This particular  Cross Pendant features a filigree design, featuring wonderfully ornate Celtic knots in each panel as well as in the ring surrounding the cross.  Please click on the image to see this Celtic Cross pendant in our Irish store.

The most famous Celtic Crosses in Ireland were generally constructed prior to the 11th century.  However, they have remained a very popular design and are a staple of the Irish landscape throughout the country.

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Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Bands

One of our favorite Irish wedding bands is the Celtic Warrior wedding band series.  These stunning bands are inspired by the beautiful Celtic artwork found on one of Ireland;s treasures – the Ardagh Chalice.  This wonderful chalice is from the 8th century, and is likened to the Book of Kells in importance to Celtic history.  The chalice, along with a number of other important Celtic artifacts, were found by two boys digging in a field in 1868.

There is a Celtic Warrior band to fit every budget.  These bands are available in sterling silver, 10K yellow gold, 14K yellow gold, and 14K white gold.  Additionally, these rings are available in 14K two-tone gold.  For the extra-special ring, there are also stone-set option like the band pictured.  On that two-tone gold wedding band, the shield has been replaced with a diamond to make for a truly spectacular presentation!

Each of these stunning Irish wedding bands is handcrafted in Dublin, and then hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.  This hallmark is your assurance of quality and authenticity.  It has also been a legal requirement of all Irish jewelry for centuries. 

How To Find The Perfect Claddagh Ring

When looking for an Irish Claddagh Ring, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to be sure that you are getting a quality piece of Jewelry that was made in Ireland. Like all jewelry, Claddagh Rings can vary widely in quality and authenticity, so be sure and shop somewhere with a good reputation and that stands behind their Irish jewelry.

Here are some tips for your search for the perfect Claddagh ring:

  1. Although your local jeweler may have a couple of examples, their range is bound to be limited.  Seek out a store that specializes in Irish jewelry.
  2. Limited selection may well lead you to online shopping, which is probably your best bet.  Online Irish stores tend to have better selection, and often, prices.  They don’t have the overhead associated with the stores in the mall.
  3. Make sure that the Irish store that you choose has a decent return policy.  You may wish to shy away from auction sites, etc. where goods are often non-returnable and purchased as-is.
  4. Assistance with sizing (i.e. printable ring sizers) is nice, but often they can be highly inaccurate.  Your best bet is to have a jeweler size your finger towards the end of the day when it is at its largest. 

A Claddagh ring is indeed a treasure, and something that you’ll likely own for the rest of your life.  A gold Claddagh ring in particular is likely to become a family heirloom.  I know that I have no plans to stop wearing mine!

Gold Irish Jewelry

Since ancient times, Irish metal and goldsmiths have created stunning Irish jewelry that is now recognized the world over as truly magnificent works of art. Their skills and attention to detail yielded treasures that never cease to amaze.

The use of filigree in Irish jewelry of that time is generally recognized as the finest that the world has to offer. The Tara brooch is one such example. The sheer number of intricate designs where one metal thread can be traced through the various Celtic knots and weaves is almost incredible. In most cases, the beginning and end of the design cannot be found as the ends are cleverly hidden in the tails or heads of a Celtic serpent, or the like.

The Ardagh Chalice is another beautiful example of the capabilities of Irish goldsmiths and metal workers. It is believed to be the finest piece of 8th century metalwork to ever be discovered. In addition to decorative and functional clothing accessories and religious artifacts, torcs were also a popular specialty to early Celtic goldsmiths. In more recent times, the Claddagh ring has become the most popular example of fine Irish jewelry, and is known the world over.

The materials for Irish jewelry have included copper, bronze, silver, and especially gold. Today, most Celtic jewelry is made from either silver or gold, with gold generally being preferred due to its nonreactive properties with air and everyday chemicals. Gold in Ireland enjoys a long history, as evidenced by the large number of artifacts that have been unearthed both in Ireland and across mainland Europe.

Ireland has a long history of fine jewelry-making, perhaps unrivaled given the limited tools to work with at the time. That fine tradition remains today with some stunningly beautiful pieces of jewelry in our Celtic collection.

Mo Anam Cara – Irish for My Soul Mate

Intimacy and belonging played important and inseparable roles in Celtic life. Celtic people believed that souls could interconnect, forming the deepest of bonds. When this occurred, a person was said to have found their soul mate. In Irish, “My Soul Mate” translates into “Mo Anam Cara,” and is pronounced muh onum kara.

The Celts understood that all phases of life involve a journey from darkness into light. It begins with conception where we develop in our mother’s dark womb. We then emerge into the light at birth. As we progress in life, there are many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes. Each one can be seen as a similar journey. Finding one’s soul mate is no different.

Having a soul mate means that your barriers are completely down. You are willing to share anything and everything without reservation. While this takes tremendous amount of courage on your part, the reward is a companionship that is like no other.

These connections of the soul were by no means trivial in nature. Your soul mate is another being with whom you feel completely compatible with, in a variety of different ways. Those ways include spirituality, intimacy, friendship, and love. You could confess the most intimate details of your life to your soul mate in complete comfort, never fearing rejection, or scorn. Your bonds of friendship and love transcend all others, and you live for each other. Life apart is unthinkable.

In celebration of these deep and special connections, the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series was conceived. Each piece is designed to witness and to strengthen your union and devotion to each other. It is difficult to think of another piece of Irish jewelry whose design and meaning is so clear and so beautiful. It is a pure expression of unhindered love.

The beautiful pieces in the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series are meant to signify this special bond. They should be given to your soul mate as an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and spiritual bond. They are perfect for any romantic occasion, but especially for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and Weddings.