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Happy St. Brigid’s Day

St. Brigid was born around 451 A.D. to a pagan father and a Christian slave mother. It was predicted by a Druid that she would do great things. Brigid’s father kept Brigid and her mother as slaves. She spent her earlier life cooking, cleaning, washing and feeding animals on her father’s farm. Brigid was inspired by the teachings of St. Patrick and she became a Christian.

At the age of eighteen she stopped working for her father. She decided that she would spend her life working for God by looking after sick, elderly and poor people. At this time she became one of the first nuns in Ireland. St. Brigid went on to establish many convents all over Ireland.

St. Brigid is the patroness of dairy maids, infants, midwives, blacksmiths, poets, nuns and students.

On one of her travels, St. Brigid went to visit a dying pagan chieftain  She started to weave a cross from some rushes on the floor. He asked her what she was doing and she told him about Christ and the meaning of the Cross. The chieftain changed his faith and was baptized.

The making of a “St. Brigid’s Cross” is a custom of St. Brigid’s day. This cross is usually made out of reeds or rushes. It is then hung on the front doors of homes and left in place all year, to be burned and replaced with a newly-woven cross on the next St. Brigid’s Day.

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