Irish Gifts: St. Brigid’s Cross By Belleek

Few collections represent true Irish gifts as much as those from Belleek Pottery.  This exquisite St. Brigid’s Cross is no exception.  Lovingly handcrafted in Ireland, it is a simple, yet classic reminder of our Irish roots and heritage.

Born during the 11th century, St. Brigid was the daughter of Dubhtach, a Leinster Pagan Chieftain. Second only to St. Patrick in the Irish heritage of Saints, Brigid is remembered by history for her great kindness and charity. Whilst explaining her passion for Christianity to a dying pagan, Brigid gathered rushes strewn on the floor and fashioned them into a cross. Today, her Cross is believed to keep want and evil away.  It makes a classic statement, and would be a treasured Irish gift.

This stunning Cross measures approximately 8″ x 8″. Made in Ireland by Belleek Fine Parian China – who has been making china since 1857. Comes gift boxed.

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