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The perfect piece of Irish jewelry to celebrate life’s important occasions is the Aura Jewelry Collection by Solvar.  This stunning jewelry collection was created to create timeless memories for any occasion. Your true love, friends forever, new life. Capture all those memories – hold them forever inside a beautiful Aura Pendent.

Choose birthstones and charms from our extensive range, then know you’ve created a perfect Irish jewelry gift and a Timeless Memory.  Each birthstone, charm and pendant is imported directly from Ireland.  The expected quality and craftsmanship of the Solvar range is evident.

I had the opportunity to wear this pendant on a vacation two months ago.  I was really surprised how many people asked me about my Aura pendant.  They could clearly see the birthstones and charms inside, and most wanted to know where I got it.  I knew we had to offer this collection on!

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Irish Gifts: St. Brigid’s Cross By Belleek

Few collections represent true Irish gifts as much as those from Belleek Pottery.  This exquisite St. Brigid’s Cross is no exception.  Lovingly handcrafted in Ireland, it is a simple, yet classic reminder of our Irish roots and heritage.

Born during the 11th century, St. Brigid was the daughter of Dubhtach, a Leinster Pagan Chieftain. Second only to St. Patrick in the Irish heritage of Saints, Brigid is remembered by history for her great kindness and charity. Whilst explaining her passion for Christianity to a dying pagan, Brigid gathered rushes strewn on the floor and fashioned them into a cross. Today, her Cross is believed to keep want and evil away.  It makes a classic statement, and would be a treasured Irish gift.

This stunning Cross measures approximately 8″ x 8″. Made in Ireland by Belleek Fine Parian China – who has been making china since 1857. Comes gift boxed.

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Irish Wedding Bands

A sure way to dispaly your love for each other as well as your Irish heritage is with an Irish wedding band.  Irish wedding bands are inscripted with a Gaelic saying denoting your preferred phrase.  There are four different wedding bands in this collection:

Mo Anam Cara (My Soul Mate)
Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas (Love, Loyalty, Friendship)
Gra Go Deo (Love Forever)
Gra Geal Mo Chroi (Bright Love Of My Heart)

Each wedding band is handcrafted with your chosen phrase in Ireland.  The hallmark given to each ring at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle is your assurance of authenticity.

All rings are available in women’s sizes 4-11 and men’s sizes 7-14, including half-sizes.  Each is arrives in a beautiful presentation box. 

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Men’s Gold Very Heavy Claddagh Ring

This has to be one my favorite Claddagh rings for a man.  I really like the thickness and stature of the ring.  This wonderful Claddagh ring is custom-made and imported directly from Dublin, Ireland.  As with all of our Claddagh rings, it is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

This stunning ring has the classing Claddagh design, where the hands represent friendship, the heart is for love, and the crown is for loyalty.  It comes in a beautiful polished finish and the brilliant craftsmanship is evident on the entire ring.

From the bottom of the hear to the top of the crown is 17.3mm, so this ring definitely makes a statement about the man who wears it.  It comes in sizes 7 through 14, including half-sizes.

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Ladies Claddagh Ring With A Diamond

If you have been searching for a Claddagh ring with a diamond, we might just have the ultimate ring for you!  This stunningly beautiful Claddagh ring is handmade in Ireland and then hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

The heart in this Claddagh ring is a 0.35 ct diamond, that is then surrounded by smaller diamonds for a stunning presentation.  It is available in your choice of gold from 10K to 18K.  White gold is available in 14K and 18K only.  The ring is sized from 4-11, and half sizes are available.

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Men’s Personalized Family Crest Claddagh Ring

Perfect for Father’s Day this year is one of the best known pieces of Irish jewelry – a man’s Claddagh ring.  However, this is not just any Claddagh ring, but one where the traditional heart is replaced with a personalized family shield.

The tradition of the Claddagh ring dates back centuries and it represents the values of Love (heart), Loyalty (crown), and Friendship (hands).  The traditional heart in this case is replaced by the family crest which now represents Love – as it should!

This Irish gift would make a perfect present for any proud Irish Dad on this or any other Father’s Day!  Don’t forget to visit us online at for all your Celtic and Irish gift needs!