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Alexandrite – June’s Claddagh Birstone Jewelry Gemstone

One of our favorite ranges of Irish jewelry is the Claddagh birthstone series.  The range comprises of Claddagh pendants, rings, and earrings which are available is sterling silver, as well as your choice of gold.

Perhaps no other piece of Irish jewelry is as recognizable os Claddagh jewelry.  It is known the world over, as it Ireland’s reputation for quality.  To ensure authenticity, each piece of Irish jewelry is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

One of the most unique attributes of Alexandrite is the fact that this gemstone will often change color or hue based upon the ambient light conditions and the viewing angle.  This beautiful gemstone makes up the heart in each of these jewelry pieces for the month of June.

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Claddagh Birthstone Jewelry For June – Alexandrite

Few pieces of Irish jewelry are as well-recognized as pieces based upon the Irish Claddagh.  Birthstone jewelry is certainly no exception.  Featuring Alexandrite as the heart, this Claddagh birthstone jewelry is perfect for any special girl or woman with a June birthday.  

Alexandrite is a certain type of the gemstone Chrysoberyl.  Alexandrite has the unusual property of changing colors depending upon the light source and/or viewing direction.

Claddagh birthstone jewelry is available as a pendant, Claddagh ring, or Claddagh earrings in your choice of sterling silver, yellow or white gold.

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