Belleek Piggy Bank With Irish Flair!

Children can learn about the value of money and their Irish heritage at the same time.  One of my favorite Irish gifts from Belleek Pottery is this wonderful Piggy Bank.  Children just love it, and it serves a practical purpose as well.

The Belleek Piggy Bank is made from the same fine Parian china that Belleek is so well-known for.  The uniquly Irish design and hand decorated detail are what really separate Belleek from their imitators.

With its handpainted shamrocks and pink blush snout, this piggy bank is the perfect way to save loose change for that special purchase or goal.  The piggy bank measures 6″ x 6″ x 4″ and is the perfect size for a bedroom shelf or display cabinet.

A charming idea that one customer had was to fill the piggy bank with coins from the year of the child’s birth.  We thought that was a really great idea for a newborn!  In all, the Belleek piggy bank is a wonderfully charming Irish gift for that special child.  They will certainly grow to love it!

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