Irish Wedding Customs: Wedding Coin & Wedding Bell

Two customs for Irish weddings that we’ve always been enamored with are the Irish wedding coin and the wedding bell.  Each adds a little touch of “Irishness” to your wonderful day!

The Irish wedding coin is an old custom that involves the groom giving the bride his coin as a symbol of all his worldly goods.  Another tradition has it that both the bride and groom should exchange coins, and if they clink during the exchange, the couple will be blessed with children.  These coins are made in Dublin, Ireland from sterling silver.  They’re sure to last for generations, and are often handed down from mother to eldest son. They are presented in a lovely jewelry box for safekeeping.

Another wonderful Irish wedding tradition is the use a wedding bell during the ceremony.  All all the wedding bells that we’ve come across, the Irish pewter bell from Mullingar Pewter has impressed us the most.  Made in Ireland, using traditional methods, Mullingar Pewter makes only the finest ware.  After use during the ceremony, the bell should be kept in the home.  During any small disagreements, the bell is rung to remind you of your wedding day and your love for each other.  It is also use abundantly during the wedding reception to “force” the bride and groom to exchange a kiss! carries a wide range of products for your Irish wedding.  We have everything from Irish wedding accessories to beautiful Celtic and Irish wedding bands.  You’re sure to find everything you need for the perfect Irish wedding!

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