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Irish Wedding Customs: Wedding Coin & Wedding Bell

Two customs for Irish weddings that we’ve always been enamored with are the Irish wedding coin and the wedding bell.  Each adds a little touch of “Irishness” to your wonderful day!

The Irish wedding coin is an old custom that involves the groom giving the bride his coin as a symbol of all his worldly goods.  Another tradition has it that both the bride and groom should exchange coins, and if they clink during the exchange, the couple will be blessed with children.  These coins are made in Dublin, Ireland from sterling silver.  They’re sure to last for generations, and are often handed down from mother to eldest son. They are presented in a lovely jewelry box for safekeeping.

Another wonderful Irish wedding tradition is the use a wedding bell during the ceremony.  All all the wedding bells that we’ve come across, the Irish pewter bell from Mullingar Pewter has impressed us the most.  Made in Ireland, using traditional methods, Mullingar Pewter makes only the finest ware.  After use during the ceremony, the bell should be kept in the home.  During any small disagreements, the bell is rung to remind you of your wedding day and your love for each other.  It is also use abundantly during the wedding reception to “force” the bride and groom to exchange a kiss! carries a wide range of products for your Irish wedding.  We have everything from Irish wedding accessories to beautiful Celtic and Irish wedding bands.  You’re sure to find everything you need for the perfect Irish wedding!

Irish Wedding Bands With Gaelic Text

Are you seeking an Irish wedding band that is unique, trend-setting, and the perfect tribute to your Irish heritage?  If so, is definitely the right place and sure not to disappoint!  Our beautiful range of Irish wedding rings is sure to have that perfect ring for your special day.  Each ring has its own special meaning written in Gaelic lettering on the ring.

Arguably our most popular series of Irish wedding rings, the Mo Anam Cara rings are truly timeless.  Mo Anam Cara is Gaelic for My Soul Mate.  Each ring features these beautiful words, and each word is separated by Irish symbols such as the Claddagh.

If you have been looking for a slightly different “take” on the traditional Claddagh ring, then you may want to consider the Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas wedding rings.  Translated to English,  Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas translates to Love, Loyalty & Friendship – the meaning of the Claddagh in Gaelic

Either one of the beautiful series of Irish wedding bands are perfect as a symbol of your never-ending commitment to each other. also has a huge variety of other Celtic wedding bands and Irish wedding rings for you to choose from.  You are sure to find one that is exactly what you wanted!

Irish Gifts For The Home

One of my favorite ranges of Irish gifts has always been the fine china offered by Belleek Pottery. What makes Belleek ware so unique is the combination of iridescence, thinness, and frit. When all three are combined, the result is a spectacular range of pottery that is sure to be treasured.

A beautiful example of Belleek’s ware is this wonderful Claddagh plate. This delicately designed plate features the Irish Claddagh symbol. The Claddagh is accented by an inlaid gold circle, outside of which are the three words that define the Claddagh – Love, Loyalty, and Friendship.

This stunning plate has a wonderfully contemporary design, and measures 9″ in diameter. It is presented in a charming gift box. is your source for Irish gifts and Irish jewelry. Be sure to browse our store to see our entire catalog of wonderful Irish items.

Irish Wedding Cake Accessories

Accessories for an Irish wedding cake have always been extremely important to most brides.  These accessories add an Irish flair to the wedding reception – honoring a couple’s Irish heritage and desire to remember their roots.

We currently have two different styles of Irish cake toppers that are perfect for your wedding cake.  The first is a Claddagh cake topper made in Ireland by Mullingar Pewter.  It is graced on each side with the Irish Claddagh symbol, as well as a ring of Claddaghs around the base.  It stands 5.5″ high.

The second style is a bride and groom figuring made by the Belleek China.  This cake topper is taller in height at 8″ tall.  It is made from the delicate and beautiful Belleek Parian China – known the world over translucent qualities.  The base is decorated with the Irish Claddagh and is trimmed in gold.

In keeping with a Claddagh theme, another perfect Irish wedding cake accessory is a Claddagh cake server.  This stunning server is also made in Ireland and presented in a lovely felt-lined wooden presentation box.  The server measure 10.5″ in length and is sure to become a treasured family heirloom and appear in the weddings of more than one generation!

Irish Jewelry Gifts For Men

When thinking of Irish gifts for men, jewelry is not always the first thing that comes to mind.  However, there is a large selection of Irish jewelry that would be perfect for that special man and for almost any special occasion.

Our range of Irish jewelry is made in Ireland and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.  It is this hallmark that serves as your assurance of quality and authenticity.   You can read more about this in our article on Irish jewelry hallmarks.

Shown above is a beautiful example of Irish jewelry for men – the personalized Claddagh ring.  Instead of the traditional Claddagh heart, it has been replaced with a shield bearing the family crest of the wearer.  All family shields are available, and some families have several different shields in their history.  For that reason, it is best to send us an image of the shield that you desire when ordering. also has a wide range of other men’s Irish jewelry available such as signet rings, tie-tacs, Celtic cross rings, and cufflinks.  Be sure to browse our Irish jewelry for men section to get a better feel of what’s available and what you think he’d love to receive.  We sure that neither of you will be disappointed!.

How To Find The Perfect Claddagh Ring

When looking for an Irish Claddagh Ring, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to be sure that you are getting a quality piece of Jewelry that was made in Ireland. Like all jewelry, Claddagh Rings can vary widely in quality and authenticity, so be sure and shop somewhere with a good reputation and that stands behind their Irish jewelry.

Here are some tips for your search for the perfect Claddagh ring:

  1. Although your local jeweler may have a couple of examples, their range is bound to be limited.  Seek out a store that specializes in Irish jewelry.
  2. Limited selection may well lead you to online shopping, which is probably your best bet.  Online Irish stores tend to have better selection, and often, prices.  They don’t have the overhead associated with the stores in the mall.
  3. Make sure that the Irish store that you choose has a decent return policy.  You may wish to shy away from auction sites, etc. where goods are often non-returnable and purchased as-is.
  4. Assistance with sizing (i.e. printable ring sizers) is nice, but often they can be highly inaccurate.  Your best bet is to have a jeweler size your finger towards the end of the day when it is at its largest. 

A Claddagh ring is indeed a treasure, and something that you’ll likely own for the rest of your life.  A gold Claddagh ring in particular is likely to become a family heirloom.  I know that I have no plans to stop wearing mine!

Celtic Wedding Gold Tiara

The “rules” applying to jewelry in general are basically the same for Irish jewelry – quite often less is indeed more.  For an Irish wedding, that means choosing your jewelry even more carefully in order to get the desired effect from some truly beautiful pieces.

This beautiful and stunning Gold Celtic Wedding Tiara is certainly one of those pieces.  It is discreet, yet adorned with ancient Celtic symbols, ensuring the theme of your wedding carries to your hairstyle.

This particular Irish wedding tiara is plated in 18K gold for unmatched brilliance and shine.  It features alternating shamrocks, leaves and Trinity knot symbols – each of which is filled with glistening Austrian crystals.  The frontal height of the tiara is approximately 1/2″.  The combined effect is stunning!

Naturally, each of these tiaras is made in, and directly imported from, Ireland.  It is presented in a wonderful cushioned keepsake box to protect it for a lifetime.

Whatever your needs for your Celtic or Irish wedding, be sure to visit  We have a large assortment of wedding items for your perusal, as well as a huge selection of Irish and Celtic wedding bands.

Celtic Warrior Jewelry: A Timeless Classic

One of the all-time classics of Irish jewelry is Celtic Warrior Jewelry.  This beautiful line of jewelry is based upon the Ardagh Chalice, which went undiscovered for centuries until two boys were digging in a field in 1868 and discovered it.  The chalice is one of the finest pieces of 8th century metalwork ever discovered, and now resides in the National Museum of Ireland.

The gold band that encircles the chalice served as the inspiration for the Celtic Warrior jewelry series.  The same style of Celtic knot work and decorative Celtic symbols appear on each Celtic warrior piece.  This jewelry series is so highly thought of, that the Irish government often uses pieces as Irish gifts for foreign dignitaries. 

Above are just a few of the Celtic Warrior jewelry styles that are available at  Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland before being hallmarked at Dublin Castle.  The hallmark is your assurance of quality and authenticity.

Claddagh Rings For Men

A classic way to celebrate your Irish heritage is with one of the best known pieces of Irish jewelry – the Claddagh ring.  The Claddagh ring has always been very popular with both women and with men, and men have a wide range of styles and designs t0 choose from.

The Claddagh ring has an old history attached to it, dating back well over 500 years.  Since that time, it has served as a friendship ring, and engagement ring, and a wedding ring.  Whatever your use for your Claddagh ring, there is one absolute about it – it is undeniably Irish! has a wide variety of men’s Irish jewelry, and Claddagh rings are no exception. Whether you desire sterling silver male claddagh rings, or one in 10K/14K/18K yellow or white gold, we have a Claddagh ring to fit every budget! There are also a number of different Claddagh ring styles.  A great example of a different ring style is our mens Claddagh “My Soul Mate” rings.  Also known as the Mo Anam Cara ring series, these beautiful rings feature a smaller Claddagh symbol in-between each of the Irish words.

Irish Celtic Wedding Toasting Flutes

Whenever good friends or family are getting married, you always want to try and give the perfect wedding gift.  You’re after something that will really thrill the bride and groom.  At, we’ve got a great range of Irish wedding gift ideas – with something for almost any budget.

One of our most popular Irish gifts for a wedding has to be our beautiful Irish wedding flutes.  These beautiful Irish toasting flutes are made in Ireland by craftsmen at Galway Irish Crystal and Mullingar Pewter, and then imported directly to our warehouse in the US.  We also have personalized Irish Wedding champagne glasses available that are also crafted and etched at Galway Irish Crystal in Ireland.

For the dinner itself, we also offer matching wine glasses.  So if you’ve been looking for a great Irish gift idea for a loved one’s wedding, seriously consider a set of Celtic toasting glasses.  You are sure to not be disappointed, and the are guaranteed to be well received!