Celtic Warrior Irish Jewelry

If you have been looking for Irish jewelry from Ireland, such as stunning Celtic warrior jewelry, then CelticByDesign.com is certainly the right place!  These beautiful pieces of Irish jewelry are inspired by the Ardagh Chalice – one of Ireland’s national treasures.

This stunning chalice was found in 1868 by two boys while they digging in a field.  It is the golden band that encircles the chalice that forms the basis for the Celtic warrior jewelry.  The same stunning 8th century Celtic designs and decorative shields can be found repeated in the Celtic warrior series.  The Celtic shield is now seen as a symbol for the Celtic warrior, and appears in this series of jewelry with a raised gold or silver center.

One fine example of this can be found on Men’s Celtic warrior rings.  Each of these beautiful Celtic warrior wedding bands features superb detail and stunning jewelry design.  The same level of detail and craftsmanship can be found in other stunning pieces such as the Celtic warrior shield pendant.      

Whatever your Irish gift or Irish jewelry needs, you are sure to find the perfect item at CelticByDesign.com.

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