Belleek Shamrock Teapot

One of the classic and best-known Irish gifts has to be Belleek China. This beautiful style of pottery, famous for its thinness and slightly iridescent surface, was first made around 1858 by John Caldwell Bloomfield. Bloomfield’s quality standards were fastidious, and he declared that and flawed piece of Belleek China would be immediately destroyed. That high level of quality is still found today with each piece of Belleek Parian China.

By 1865 Belleek Parian China was well on its way to worldwide fame. It was now known for its quality and design throughout Ireland, England, Canada, Australia, and the US.

From this wonderful line of Irish pottery comes this beautiful Belleek Shamrock Teapot. Immediately noticeable is the cluster of shamrocks emanating from the forest twig-inspired handles. More subtle is the beautiful basket-weave pattern on the body of the teapot. offers a full range of this famous Irish China for your browsing and gift-giving pleasure. Whether you are looking for fine Irish gifts or Irish jewelry, we are your one-stop shop for all things Irish.

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