Mo Anam Cara – Irish for My Soul Mate

Intimacy and belonging played important and inseparable roles in Celtic life. Celtic people believed that souls could interconnect, forming the deepest of bonds. When this occurred, a person was said to have found their soul mate. In Irish, “My Soul Mate” translates into “Mo Anam Cara,” and is pronounced muh onum kara.

The Celts understood that all phases of life involve a journey from darkness into light. It begins with conception where we develop in our mother’s dark womb. We then emerge into the light at birth. As we progress in life, there are many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes. Each one can be seen as a similar journey. Finding one’s soul mate is no different.

Having a soul mate means that your barriers are completely down. You are willing to share anything and everything without reservation. While this takes tremendous amount of courage on your part, the reward is a companionship that is like no other.

These connections of the soul were by no means trivial in nature. Your soul mate is another being with whom you feel completely compatible with, in a variety of different ways. Those ways include spirituality, intimacy, friendship, and love. You could confess the most intimate details of your life to your soul mate in complete comfort, never fearing rejection, or scorn. Your bonds of friendship and love transcend all others, and you live for each other. Life apart is unthinkable.

In celebration of these deep and special connections, the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series was conceived. Each piece is designed to witness and to strengthen your union and devotion to each other. It is difficult to think of another piece of Irish jewelry whose design and meaning is so clear and so beautiful. It is a pure expression of unhindered love.

The beautiful pieces in the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series are meant to signify this special bond. They should be given to your soul mate as an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and spiritual bond. They are perfect for any romantic occasion, but especially for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and Weddings.

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