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Mo Anam Cara Pendants

The Mo Anam Cara series of pendants consists of a variety of designs – perfect for any taste and budget. They make wonderful Irish gifts! These beautiful pendants are crafted in sterling silver, your choice of white or yellow gold (10K, 14K, 18K), or platinum. In Irish, the term Mo Anam Cara translates to My Soul Mate. These stunning pendants are classically Celtic in nature, and serve as a permanent symbol of the intimacy and bond that your share with you soul mate.

These pendants are also available in a variety of sizes, in solid or pierced designs, with or without a set stone, and also in a two-tone (gold bead on sterling silver) presentation. Additionally, there is also a version of the pendant available in Ogham script – one of the earliest known Irish languages.

There are two main sizes of these pendants available. The smaller of the two measures approximately 21.6mm in height and 14mm wide. The larger size is approximately 29.8mm high and 23.5mm wide.

All genuine Mo Anam Cara jewelry is handcrafted in Ireland by master craftsmen and is hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. Hallmarking of jewelry has been Irish law since the year 1637.

Each Mo Anam Cara pendant is completed by an 18” bell chain and is presented in an attractive lined box.

Mo Anam Cara – Irish for My Soul Mate

Intimacy and belonging played important and inseparable roles in Celtic life. Celtic people believed that souls could interconnect, forming the deepest of bonds. When this occurred, a person was said to have found their soul mate. In Irish, “My Soul Mate” translates into “Mo Anam Cara,” and is pronounced muh onum kara.

The Celts understood that all phases of life involve a journey from darkness into light. It begins with conception where we develop in our mother’s dark womb. We then emerge into the light at birth. As we progress in life, there are many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes. Each one can be seen as a similar journey. Finding one’s soul mate is no different.

Having a soul mate means that your barriers are completely down. You are willing to share anything and everything without reservation. While this takes tremendous amount of courage on your part, the reward is a companionship that is like no other.

These connections of the soul were by no means trivial in nature. Your soul mate is another being with whom you feel completely compatible with, in a variety of different ways. Those ways include spirituality, intimacy, friendship, and love. You could confess the most intimate details of your life to your soul mate in complete comfort, never fearing rejection, or scorn. Your bonds of friendship and love transcend all others, and you live for each other. Life apart is unthinkable.

In celebration of these deep and special connections, the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series was conceived. Each piece is designed to witness and to strengthen your union and devotion to each other. It is difficult to think of another piece of Irish jewelry whose design and meaning is so clear and so beautiful. It is a pure expression of unhindered love.

The beautiful pieces in the Mo Anam Cara jewelry series are meant to signify this special bond. They should be given to your soul mate as an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and spiritual bond. They are perfect for any romantic occasion, but especially for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and Weddings.

October Birthstone Claddagh Ring

With another month comes the opportunity to show one of our favorite Irish gifts. Pink Tourmaline is the stone in the October birthstone Claddagh ring. These beautiful rings are crafted in Dublin, Ireland and each one is hallmarked at Dublin Castle.

They are available in sterling silver, as well as white and yellow gold. 10K, 14K, and 18K grades are all available. They are the perfect gift for a loved one.

These rings are custom-made and available just a few short weeks after ordering. Each ring is wonderfully presented in a ring box. The gift of a Claddagh birthstone ring is guaranteed to never disappoint!

Irish Wedding Countdown Timer

Wedding Countdown TimerSince I just finished updating the St. Patrick’s Day Countdown Timer, this seems like a good time to remind everyone of another free item that we have developed. It’s an Irish Wedding Countdown Clock, and unlike the St. Patrick’s Day Timer, it is completely stand-alone. in other words, you do not need to have Google Desktop, or anything else installed in order for it to work. You can download it at the following link:

Irish Wedding Countdown Clock

Once you run the software for the first time, a small screen will appear that asks you for the date and time of your Irish wedding. Just enter those details (yes, they are completely private to you and you alone) and the counter will appear and let you know the days, hours, minutes, and even seconds to your Irish wedding. You’ll find additional instructions at the link provided above.

Irish Shamrock Tea Accessory Set

Shamrock Tea SetThis wonderful handpainted Shamrock tea set is just the trick to add some Irish charm to your afternoon or morning cuppa. Would make a charming Irish gift!

Tea set includes a tea bag dispenser, sugar/sweetener holder, and two tea bag holders. The dispenser and sweetener holders feature an Irish cottage scene, and all pieces are adorned with Irish shamrocks.When you are looking for Irish gifts this season, be sure to keep this wonderful set in mind. I know it would be well-received by any tea lover!

Saint Patrick’s Day Countdown 2009

St. Paddy's Day Countdown TimerSome of the best Irish gifts are the free ones! I have finally gotten around to finishing the coding for the 2009 version of our Saint Patrick’s Day Countdown Google Gadget. It runs on Google Desktop (which is a lot like the Windows Vista sidebar, only better, and it works on Windows XP). Installing is simple, and it counts down the remaining days, hours, minutes, and seconds until our favorite day!

If you need to install the Google Desktop application, you can get it from Google here. Once done, there is a link at the end of this post for the Saint Patrick’s Day Gadget. Click on the link, save the file to your desktop, and then double-click the saved file.

Right now, the Gadget is with Google to be entered into the Google Gadget Gallery (say that three times quickly). It normally takes a week or two to be included. Once it is there, I’ll post the link and also update the 2008 Countdown page. HOWEVER, if you’d like to download the 2009 Gadget without waiting, it is available at the link below.

2009 St. Patrick’s Day Countdown

It’s Never Too Early For Christmas Decor

Image of Irish Christmas DecorThere are 80 days left until Christmas! I don’t know about everyone else, but Christmas is my all-time favorite part of the year. It has something to do with the chill in the air, and then getting inside to a nice warm house. It also marks the end of the busiest time of the year for us, with tons of people shopping for Irish gifts!

At any rate, my reason for posting was to let you know that we have added a great deal of new Christmas items to our Irish Christmas section this year. More animated treetoppers (Santas and Angels), more Christmas ornaments, and more of just about everything else. I wanted to just let you know that as most of these items are seasonal in nature, and when they are gone…they are gone. In most cases, there won’t be any additional stock coming in as most of the distributors will be out too.

So, don’t delay this year. It might be a bit early to celebrate Christmas, but its not too early to get a jump on your favorite Irish Christmas decor!

We Were Green Before Green Was Cool

Environment graphicOK, so a little play on words there – we offer Irish gifts, and a lot of what we sell is, of course, green. But, I was actually after a more serious topic. By our very nature as an online retailer, we’re in a position to either:

1) do a lot of good for the environment, or

2) do a lot of damage to the environment

As responsible business owners, Julie and I have chosen option #1. Where we can make the largest impact is in how we run our warehouse. We receive a lot of product into it, and we ship a lot of product back out. What we’ve done is added large sorting bins to the receiving area in order that we can “salvage” the packing material used in our deliveries. Obviously, we only keep the stuff that still has life left in it. But, if it is perfectly good, why discard it?

When we ship, we re-use the material from the bins (they have wheels that make life a bit easier…) in some of the outbound packages. Naturally, not all of them are suitable candidates. Kraft paper, for example can be less than optimum material for long flat items, etc.

The boxes are another story – we normally have to recycle them. Most of them are simply too big to be re-used, but every now and then, we do get the chance. Mainly, they are stacked for weekly deliveries at the local recycling center. I cringe when I see other businesses simply fill dumpsters with cardboard boxes. It just seems like such a waste. Recycling is also the name of the game for office paper – even the shredded, cross-cut stuff.

You’d be surprised what a difference the above makes, compared to what it could be. For the most part, our only trash is the normal stuff that people discard. I’d ask you to think along the same lines when you receive a package from us, or anyone else, for that matter. Perhaps you’ll be mailing packages at Christmas that you can use the boxes and materials for. What about storage? None of us ever seem to have enough!

Whatever the use, there is an excellent chance that both the box and the packing material have another trip or two left in them. I’m convinced that small steps like this can make a long term difference on the planet that we all share. So don’t forget to go green with an Irish gift!

A Special Irish Gift For Dad’s 60th!

Dear Mark,Personalized Family Crest Heraldic Oval Gold Cuff Links

My Dad grew up in Dublin, before moving to the US when he was 12. He has fought for this country, and proudly flies the American flag in his front yard every day. Even after all this time, I know that he is incredibly proud of his Irish heritage. He is an amazing person who refuses to retire and still goes to work in a suit and tie every day without fail.Dad turns 60 on December 12th, and I’d like to get him something very special this year. Can you point me in the right direction?


Cindy in Ohio

60th Birthdays are always a special time. In many cases, it is an opportunity to reflect on life, your roots, accomplishments, how your priorities have changed, and the person that you have become. That person would not have been possible were it not for upbringing, guidance, and the luck and challenges that life presented.

Gold Personalized Family Shield Medium Oval Tie TacI would definitely guide you towards a personalized piece of jewelry for your father. This would be a piece that proudly displayed his family coat of arms. Since you mentioned that your father wears both a shirt, and a tie, you could choose between cufflinks, or a tie-tack. Your father should be overjoyed with an Irish gift such as this, especially since it will be handed down from one generation to another.