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Just Arriving – Bridesmaid & Groomsman Gifts

Over the next few days, we’ll be launching an entire range of Groomsmen and Bridesmaid gifts. Some will have an Irish theme, and some won’t. Items such as the Personalized Bridesmaid Frame shown here do not have an Irish theme, but they are still a wonderful way to show your thanks with a very cute personalized gift. And, you can always add an Irish saying, or blessing to the personalized area of this frame.

So why did we diverge away from strictly Irish or Celtic designs? Simple. To give your more choices. Not every wonderful item that we came across was actually available with an Irish theme. Rather than simply ignore them, we decide to offer a limited amount of complimentary gifts where we felt that our selection could be improved. Are you going to see a lot of this? Probably not. After all, there are literally thousands of beautiful Irish gifts in our store, and in 99% of cases, you’ll find the perfect one for you!

The Tradition Of The Irish Wedding Coin

One of the most interesting Irish wedding customs that we’ve come across is that of the Irish wedding coin.
Traditionally, the groom presents the bride with this coin after the rings have been exchanged. It is a symbolic gift to the bride of all that the groom owns. The groom may also want to state “I give this coin to you as a symbol of all my possessions” or something similar in intent.
Tradition also has it that if both the bride and groom exchange coins with each other, and they click during the exchange, that the couple will be blessed with children.
Irish wedding coins should be thought of as family heirlooms, and should be preserved for use by future generations. These coins are often passed from the mother to her eldest son on his wedding day. These may be the perfect Irish gifts for your wedding day.

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